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A webmaster to do a website, the ultimate goal is to make money through the site, but there are many ways to make money, I believe you webmaster for the way of advertising is not unfamiliar, but for advertising alliances to advertise, there may be some webmaster is not very familiar with, so in the choice of advertising alliances sometimes worry, here Through some of your own experience in the advertising alliance and everyone to talk about how to choose an ad league?

First, before choosing an ad league, must first understand this advertising alliance some information, including this advertisement Alliance's prestige degree and so on, because, now the Network Advertisement Alliance countless, you do not know which advertisement alliance is better, carelessly, probably will choose to the bad Advertisement Alliance. As you invest in a project, you will have a thorough understanding of the project before you invest it. Therefore, the choice must first of all understand the advertising Alliance, for the future cooperation more smoothly.

Again, when looking for an ad league, don't choose this alliance just because the unit is relatively high many webmaster, in the choice of time, will give priority to the higher unit price of the alliance, because of this, they will feel that they can earn more money, although the idea of making more money is good, but we in the choice, It is best to have classes with our website subject to related ads, because even if the unit price is high, but do not want to turn off the ads, directly affect the advertising click-through, the truth is very simple, if you do is a medicine to do the site, but the launch of the advertising is to do it products, it is conceivable that the users in the incoming will click on such ads?

Therefore, in the choice of advertising alliances, should pay more attention to the relevance of advertising. This has the relevant advertising to allow users to really notice, so that the rate of the ads will naturally rise, so that the money is not more?

Finally, because the payment commissions are not the same for each ad union, you can choose a monthly payment or weekly AD league if you have the conditions. Why do I have to say this? Because, this way can let you put on the advertisement more reassuring, also get due reward quicker. Because, although you know something about an ad league, but you do not really understand the strength of this advertising alliance, in another words, is if an advertising alliance is still in the beginning stage, although the surface work well done, but who can guarantee how long the family can support it? If one day the ad league closes, We can also deal with the advertisement in time, so that we will not lose too much!

In short, before making a choice, be sure to consider some thoughtful, you can refer to the three points mentioned above. Just one more intention, I believe you can choose to a good AD league. Computer Forum wish you success!

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