The king of the evolution process of individual community management

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Acacia bean Community: The King of small community management and growth process

How many years have you been on the website? I am grinning: My site is almost full moon.

But I've been thinking about how a community should operate to really appeal to potential users.

There are many prosperous communities, but as a personal site, or small community, want to make the horizon, the West Shrine, or Sina, "> Chinaren's community is clearly unrealistic, and what is truly worth imitating and learning is a small, professional community. My initial idea was to make a regional dating site with a theme of marriage. Despite the large dating sites, but similar communities are rare, and my vision of the biggest attraction is free, the other one is to strictly review the establishment of a real dating network. But this idea in the process of my promotion I cannot but deny, at least the prophase is not suitable.

So I analyzed some successful small communities:

An NBA basketball community. The first community is because the basketball community NBA is very popular, of course, silver is also very attractive. So what is the attraction of this basketball community? First of all, the starting point of the content of the website has real value. There are quite a few people in the country who are interested in the NBA. Therefore, the community must choose the direction of a wide range of users, in the end is to provide a wide range of user resources, such as pictures, music, video Ah, race process, and so on, even if I don't have a fever for basketball, see some resources or spirit will spirits. The advantages of the station's operating content the second is that the NBA is a non-stop update, continuing the tournament, so the site's services and users of the need for continuity, users of the viscosity must be higher.

The second one I've been focusing on is a website that offers high-definition video downloads and technical support services. Provide continuous service, simple promotion, timely updates, almost lightly loose. If the site is removed from regional constraints, it will certainly grow wider and larger.

The third site, a regional Web site that specializes in second-hand IBM books, is purchased on the site by my laptop. Professional, technical, real, honest these core things constitute their sales success, almost become the first choice for many people to buy second-hand books.

The fourth is China Headset Forum, I occasionally browse to that site I can not believe that there are thousands of of people online, small headphones, high-quality music, CDs, rich content, almost become music enthusiasts dream paradise.

The location of these sites, content, services, are real, so content, original, service is kingly. We do not need to promote, the need is only positioning, service.

The above is only my personal community management to do a little analysis, perhaps trees trees, I hope to provoke more webmaster thinking: The community in the end with what users to find us, inseparable from us, think of us.

Acacia bean Community, from the initial positioning of the regional marriage and love community, to provide professional information, services, entertainment changes, is a process of evolution, is out of such a thinking. As for success, I do not dare to pat the chest to ensure that, but accurate positioning, a certain Web site business process the most important. Welcome everyone to Pat Brick advice

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