The local portal is the seven major battlefield of the big and strong

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The increasingly finely divided market, the increasing penetration of the network, led to the local portal into a blue sea, big to the province, to the city, small to county town, have become network riders people fighting the treasure, but said: 工欲善其事, prerequisite, the promotion of local portals, the same need for practitioners "benefit its device", the following will give you share to bring << Local portal big and strong will fight the seven battlefield >>, hope to help you.

First Battlefield public facilities

Public toilets, garbage cans, wire dry, parks, playgrounds and so on, these places, is the general people must go to places, posted some attractive, photographic pictures, out of curiosity everyone will go up to see.

Events in the second battlefield

Free to teach everyone to dance, free computer quiz, free system failure repair, free network knowledge solution, free computer problem solving. As well as care for the elderly, children, fund-raising and other public welfare undertakings, not only can improve the site affinity, trust, but also very likely free access to media exposure.

Internet cafes in the third battlefield

Internet cafes are the largest number of domestic computers, the highest rate of use of the site, according to incomplete statistics, the domestic officially registered Internet cafes have more than 130,000, other "black Internet cafes", "underground Internet cafes" is countless, estimated to be able to reach several times the size of regular internet cafes, the number of Internet cafes so much, netizens are more countless, Therefore the Internet café is a necessary propaganda platform.

The fourth battlefield local QQ group

Take some time to register a few QQ numbers do not have to have too much 10 can be, then to add the QQ group in the region, if by each QQ number plus 50 group (decoration, beer and skittles, friends with the city, blind kan chat, etc.), 10 QQ number is 500 groups. According to 1 groups of 100 people, 500 groups are 50,000 potential users. After all, they are the portal of the region, are talking about the locals and things, the promotion of good everyone may become your users.

Fifth Battlefield local television, radio, bus

Local television stations, radio, bus costs are relatively high also not high, said low is not low, but high efficiency, broad coverage, good results, but also can be very good to improve the quality of the site brand.

Sixth battlefield to find partners

Find some local more influential companies, units, shops, our website as its official platform for online activities, both cooperation, it under the line to help you push, you online to help it push, mutual benefit, why not.

The seventh battlefield constructs the website QQ Group

On the basis of the above, should have a certain user base, at this time will pay attention to your site's netizens gathered here, will they netting, they will be your first group of loyal fans, a lot and they exchange parties, together for the development of the website to advise, let them have the feeling of ownership, In addition, we can discuss some local hot topics, often engage in some activities and so on.

After the top seven, I guess you also feel deeper, the method is more refined, more contacts, perhaps there will be more tricks emerge, at this time more to make friends, more sets of talents, suitable for local needs, the local trend, the intention to do, Your local portal must also have a gorgeous sky in the local area. This article comes from the first female net the best weight loss medicine stationmaster creation, reprint please retain the copyright, thanks!

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