The miracle of medical treatment: Cambodia commonly used cow urine medicine treatment

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The United States "Fox News" recently reported "the world's top ten Crazy Treatment Therapy", from the bee venom to the cow urine, a lot of things you do not dare to think can play a magical healing effect. 1. Chinese Walnut Grass Therapy: The doctor put a walnut on the patient's eyes, then put a cigarette-like wormwood at both ends of the light on the walnut smoked eyes, and then another "wormwood" one end ignited, the other end inserted into the patient's ear.  It is understood that this Chinese medicine therapy can cure facial paralysis. 2. Egyptian Sand Therapy: "Sand therapy" has been popular in the Egyptian desert: in the sun, people bury themselves in the sand until they are at their necks.  Local people believe that the hottest time of the day to accept sand, can treat rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain and erectile dysfunction. 3. "Sludge Therapy" in Peru: in Circa, Peru, there are many "wonders of the Lake", which are rich in mineral black mud, the locals like to smear these "medical sludge" and accept "silt therapy".  It is said that "Miracle Lake" presents a unique green, the lake silt can treat acne, rheumatism and other stubborn diseases. 4. Indonesian Horn Cupping Therapy: On the streets of Indonesia, there are often men topless, receiving horn cupping therapy. Cupping is alternative pain therapy.  At present, the law is mainly popular in Southeast Asia.  5. Japanese Skin Fish therapy: Many hot springs in Japan have flocks of small fish, people in the bath, the body into the fish pond, "Hot spring Doctor fish" will eat body dead skin, so as to achieve the effect of treatment of skin diseases. 6. Live fish for asthma treatment in India: in Hvderabad, southern India, every June, the Basseny Goude brothers promoted the "Eat Alive fish treat asthma" odd side will attract thousands of people to try.  Locals say living fish can be used to treat asthma and respiratory diseases. 7. Peruvian Pregnant women Dolphin Therapy: In the Peruvian capital Lima, pregnant woman often gathered here to receive dolphin massage therapy.  It is understood that the principle of this therapy is that dolphins emit high-frequency sound can stimulate the fetal brain neurons in the abdomen healthy development.  8. Chinese Cupping Therapy: Cupping is the traditional Chinese therapy, the use of heat out of the tank air, forming a negative pressure, so that the pot sucked on the skin, so that the human body siltation of heat and gas "forced out" in vitro, to prevent the fitness function. 9. Cambodian bovine Urine therapy: Cambodians collect cow urine for medicinal purposes.  They generally believe that cattle, snakes, turtles and so on have supernatural ability, so in the country living extremely impoverished 1/3 people, "cow urine cures all diseases" is not uncommon. 10. China Bee Venom Therapy: Bee venom is a natural medicine, rhinitis, rheumatism and arthritis have therapeutic effect. ▲ (Chen)
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