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At present, the development trend of Internet in China, the operation of the website should be integrated into the enterprise's overall management system, so that the network and the original mechanism of organic combination, so as to play the Web site and network marketing business potential.

Corporate web site operations include a lot of content

such as website promotion, Network Marketing management, the perfect change of the website, the post site update maintenance, the website enterprise operation and so on, the most important is the website maintenance and promotion.

So far, read a lot of articles on the operation of the website, a lot of it is only for a certain aspect of the description, such as upgrading the site rankings, website optimization, website promotion, etc., rarely see the introduction of the system Web site operation articles.

The following is a website from the early planning, medium-term production and operation of three aspects to talk about the operation of the website.

The first stage: Market research, website planning

Launch marketing strategy to realize market operation

Website operation, as the name implies is to launch a marketing strategy for a website to achieve market-oriented operation, refers to the network Marketing system in all the late operation of the site related work.

No direction, no wind on either side.

First of all to do the site before the site to do a certain accurate positioning, no direction of the boat side of the wind will not be downwind. So to the site positioning, clear construction site is the first step to do.

The development direction of the website has certain assurance

When positioning the site, with the company to discuss the decision-making level to enable the top leadership to the development of the site has a certain degree of certainty, and it is best to mobilize the other departments of the company to participate in the discussion, timely from the company position to put forward a good view, combined into the planning. The quality of a company and the work of the Department is closely linked to the relationship between the two!

Pre-information collection

In the clear establishment of the purpose and site positioning, began to collect relevant advice, with the company's other departments, with the company's actual situation, so that can play the biggest role of the site.

Key: Planning with full consideration

This step is the most important step in the prophase planning, because do the website must be for the company service, so it is most necessary to collect the opinions and ideas of other departments, this step needs to be compiled into a document, so that other departments can cooperate to submit a section plan that the Department needs to open up on the Internet, this proposal must be considered fully, Because if you want to run the site as a formal site, do every column should be a planning, if not fully consider will lead to a sudden new content to damage the site's overall planning and style, this does not mean that the site after the formation is not allowed to add columns, Only in the process of adding the need to be combined with the site's situation, it is also best to consider the original planning when comprehensive!

Specific columns Planning

After collecting the relevant information from other departments, to its collation, sorting out after the focus, according to the focus and the company's business focus, combined with site positioning to finalize the site of the columns need to have which items, may start because the column is more difficult to determine the final need of which items, this is a discussion process, Need everyone to speak out their own opinions, together with repeated comparisons, given down the contents of the classification, the formation of the site column of the tree-like list to express the structure of the site.

Sub columns to classify

And then, in the same way, to discuss the sub columns in the second floor, classify it, and determine one by one each level two column of the main page needs to put what specific things, two column below each small column needs to put what content, so that the column responsible can very clearly understand this column of every detail and each column, After the discussion, we should be in charge of the column in accordance with the results of the discussion to write column planning book, the column planning book requirements written in detail, specific. And there is a unified format for the site to stay, this is only the first version of the plan, later in the process of production if there are problems in the timely revision of the proposal, and also need to stay. The proposal requires an electronic version and a written version of two copies.

The following is the need to say the design of the specific content of the proposal. The proposal for each column should be in a uniform format.

First, the column overview

Including column positioning, column purposes, service to the image, sub-column settings, home content, pagination content! This part of the role of an index, so that the leadership seems to have a general grasp of the column and understanding.

Second, for the column details

The details of each column are described in detail, including the name of each sub column:

Column purpose (The purpose of the target column to write clearly)

Service objects (to clarify the direction of the column, better to achieve the purpose of what specific content)

Content Introduction (Detailed description of the specific contents of the book column)

Source (description of what the content of the column is, to ensure that the column does not appear without content)

Implementation method (describes the specific way to implement this column)

Related questions (column leader in the planning process of the plan, the current unresolved issues)

Key Tips (focus on the artists or programmers need to pay attention to the place, or need to combine the place, but also the column planners on the sub column in these aspects of good see meaning)

Third, related columns

This is to explain this column and other columns of the combination of communication, the reason to have this is to pass through the links between the columns to strengthen the integrity of the site. Four, refer to the website, indicate this column to refer to which website, or can refer to which website. And be sure to indicate which of the advantages of other websites, where we should pay attention to in the construction process. Not only to write a URL on it!

The last item is appendix

To record the history of this document modification process, and what changed.

Well, the layout of the content of the book is so much, may feel more and more complex lock some, but to know that the proposal is written to our own, not to let others see, but our site in the future construction of a basis. With this proposal after the work we can easily solve! Specific design (including page design, production, programming)

The second stage: Web design, website development

The main task of this phase is to let the page designer design the page according to each section's plan book

Again, before the design should let the column responsible for special treatment of the place and design staff to speak! In the design of the page designers must be based on the plan to the specific location of each column and the overall style of the site to determine, in order to make the site have a sense of the whole, should be placed in the Web page a number of cross-cutting elements, and ultimately to come up with at least three kinds of different styles, each plan should take into account the overall image of the company, and the spirit of the company combined. After the design is taken out, it will be discussed and finalized.

Design complete the next step is to achieve, by the production staff responsible for the implementation of the Web page, and produced into a template.

In this process to achieve the colleagues, column leaders should start to collect the specific content of each column and collation. After the completion of the template production, by the column responsible for each column to add specific content.

The construction of the website should be carried out at the same time, how to co-ordinate this is a more important question.

In the process described above, the site's program personnel should be at the stage of the development process, if the implementation of the process of what problems programmers should be with the production staff timely combination, lest the program development completed after the problem to be large-scale rework.

This period should be noted is the choice of good Web site program development language and appropriate with their own database:

Currently popular ASP, PHP, JSP, ASP. NET and other advantages and disadvantages, need to carefully consider, must not blindly pursue the trend of the space, the requirements of the language is not the same, this should also be taken into account; database aspects of the General Enterprise Web site selection can meet the needs, industry and portal site can choose SQL database.

Integration test

Next, when the work on both sides is done, it is integration.

Integrate programs and pages. After the integration, the need for internal testing, testing completed, no problem can be OK after the!

The third stage: website promotion, operation

The main methods of website promotion are:

1. Add page title.

Write a descriptive title of 5-8 words for each page content. Title to be concise, remove the, and, these unimportant words, to explain the page, the site's most important content. The title of the page will appear on the link to the search results page, so it can be written with a little inflammatory to attract the searcher to click on the link. The page title position is between <HEAD></HEAD> of the page code. At the same time in the home page content to write your shop name and your most important keywords, and can not only write shop name, just Hishop has a custom head tag function, you simply set the following in the background can be, without each page to add, convenient to the extreme, the other hishop has the dynamic keyword function, Let your product name appear in each item page.

2. Add descriptive meta tags.

In addition to the page title, many search engines will search meta tags. This is a descriptive text, describing the content of the body of the Web page, the sentence should also include this page to use the keywords, phrases and so on. The position of this sentence is placed between the <HEAD></HEAD> of the Web code, in the form of <meta name=description content= your description > Currently, META tags with keywords have not helped the rankings, But sometimes meta tags are used in paid login technology. And who knows when the search engine will pay attention to it again? Similarly hishop will not give up for the user to promote each opportunity, custom head tag function, only in the background set.

3, in the Web page bold text (generally for the article title) also fill in your keywords.

Search engines value Bold text, thinking this is an important part of this page, so be sure to write your keywords in one or two bold text labels.

4, to ensure that in your first paragraph of the text will appear keywords.

Search engines want to find your key words in the first paragraph. But not too many keywords. Google will probably have the full text of 1.5-2 keywords every 100 words as the best keyword density, can get good rankings. Other places to consider placing keywords can be in the alt tag or comment tag of the code.

5. Navigation design is easy to search search engine.

Some people use frames in Web page production, but this is a serious problem for search engines. Even if the search engine finds your content page, it may miss one of the key navigation sections, which will not go into the search for other pages. The navigation buttons made with Java and Flash look beautiful, but search engines can't find them. The remedy is to make a navigation bar at the bottom of the page with regular HTML links to make sure that you can access each page of the site through a link to the navigation bar. You can also make a site map, or you can link to each page. Hishop specially optimizes the website map, has added the key navigation (custom classification list) in each page of the website, you can set up at any time, the change, is simple and convenient.

6, the release of free articles, with the site signature

Write professional articles for other websites free of charge (newsletters/magazines), with short text that describes what you're offering and asks for links to your site. This is an effective viral marketing approach, and your article will be sent out as hundreds of subscribers, giving your site hundreds of links at once.

7, release the news.

Find News-worthy events (such as promoting your free service) and publish the news to your Web site, where your traffic is large.

In short, you just carefully follow the strategy above to do, the website traffic will be promoted!

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