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Play the microblog of the people, nothing but for two words, one is the name, one is the benefit. For the star, open Weibo is generally to better promote their own, for the grassroots micro-blog, is for the money, and the other people passing by I will not mention. Microblogging methods have a variety of ways to make money, different people, different enterprises, have different marketing methods, I summed up, there are probably so many ways to profit:

First, insert ads in Weibo. The simple thing is hard advertising, is directly on the micro-blog to promote their own products, this kind of pure advertisement relatively few people look, the effect is not so good, but the pertinence is strong, have this kind of demand the talented person will go to see such advertisement; a little better is the form of writing soft text, in the advertisement very naturally insert advertisement, This way to make the audience more acceptable, a little more complex is to make some video, some spoof, alternative video, inside with the form of soft text insert some of the natural ads, this video can get the popular people's love, drive the audience's crazy broadcast, that is, the cost is more expensive point.

Second, do online activities, this with the offline some businesses do a bit similar activities, is to give the product to do some discount or buy discount activities, this activity once the effect is very good, generally are interested in this product people will participate in such activities, targeted strong, some people would have to buy the desire, Now suddenly the preferential activities, not only their own excitement, but also invite friends to participate.

Third, micro-Bo culture station, that is, using micro-bleomycin for the site to import traffic. Web site to promote a variety of ways, micro-blog promotion site, but also one of the ways, first Weibo avatar next to have a blog address, this address can be written on their own website domain name, followed by a micro-blog when the same as in the Bubble forum, in the last place to leave their own URLs when the signature, but also can be written as a soft text , put your own URL into it naturally.

Four, the sale of fans, there are two types of fan trading, one is direct sales of micro-bo, the number of fans, the theme of the account to sell to the needs of the enterprise, that is, all the fans are sold; there is a large number of fans to the other side of the same account, so that the other side of the micro-

These ways to make money in the final analysis is to have a foundation, it is to pay attention to your fans must be a lot, otherwise god horse is a cloud.

Play Weibo for more than half a year, to increase the microblogging fans, I personally think that the tool to the fastest, simple operation, a person can be completed, do not need the team to operate, and then engage in activities, engage in content, develop their own group, etc. (of course, you are proficient in these words may be faster than the tool brush), a large number of micro-BO players, Developed a lot of tools to quickly increase the fans, I was most impressed by the deletion of the powder of "mutual powder query" and that "opera" browser attention tools, the two tools are mainly characterized by faster, more convenient. For example, "Mutual powder query", inquires not to pay attention to their fans, the full selection of-> batch cancellation, a few minutes after the one thousand or two thousand of the powder can be canceled, relatively fast. Then came the "Green Buddha", the main feature of this tool is to be able to pay attention to their fans can also be canceled, this tool by the vast majority of Bo friends, to solve how to cancel their attention to the problem of mass, but the disadvantage of this tool is slow, indeed too slow, sometimes most of the clock can not get down, where to wait for the dry hurry, Later, I learned a tool from my friend, "focus on Control", which can be used to cancel fans in batches, speed is also faster, that is, only 200 can be canceled at a time, and sometimes may be "short circuit" to stop, but still feel better than the "Green Buddha", these three are the tools to eliminate fans, Other tools for canceling fans don't know what the name is. Attention to fans of the tool, I was most impressed by the "Opera" browser tool, the tool can be a page of attention, a page seems to be 10 attention, this is a quick attention to the most convenient way, Compared to other by hand a point of the use of a lot of good, at that time, when we used this tool, one day to increase the number of more than 1000 fans, simply happy to crazy! Unfortunately, this tool used 32 days can not use, and then turned to the "wing", this similar to the QQ Chat platform tool, this tool cumbersome point, However, when there is no tool available or think it is very handsome, this tool can only focus on 200 of fans, and then have to wait about 30 minutes to pay attention again, and attention can only one of the click, is a bit of trouble. There are a lot of good tools in fact, we did not find at that time, such as Li elder brother they use the "Easy mutual powder" tool, although this is troublesome, to a one to click, and the reaction speed is also relatively slow, but the most characteristic of this tool is efficiency, when you one click on each other, The other person also automatically pays attention to you, and the tool has no 2000 concerns, and more than 2000 concerns can continue to increase. This tool is by far the most effective tool I have ever known to increase the number of fans, and I've tested it for 40 minutes and a 600 more fans, but haven't tried it all day. By the end of the day, the software was almost useless, and the tools were all the cumbersome tools that I used as a migrant worker when I started to play Weibo,Now there's a micro-blogging tool called "Easy Twitter Weibo helper," the function of this tool is more powerful, more intelligent, it has a function of management account, you can see all the information of your account, including the number of fans, concern number, Micro bo number, hair microblogging and so on, you can also use this tool to bulk register account, Batch automatic perfect account data; More powerful function is can collect the ID of the collection automatically to pay attention to, can use multiple account at the same time pay attention to all intelligent operation, can register, activate tens of thousands of microblogging account, for a lot of micro Bo players are a very good tool.

There are a lot of ways to add fans to the

microblogging, but it's not the only way to increase the number of fans by using tools, but some people are collecting some good tweets to find large contributors with high fans and ten thousand or twenty thousand of fans a day. To find the right way to increase the powder, the key is to rely on their own practice, after their own test to know which methods are suitable for themselves, it is best to find some play Bo friends to do together, so you can integrate resources, division of work to greatly improve efficiency.

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