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2012 has come, soon to the nursery stock sales season. Seedling Information Network advertising revenue will also rise.

However, in 2011, I am a lone, no entrepreneurial partner, no financial support. Programmers, artists, designers, administrators, extension staff multiple identities in one. So many identities sometimes makes me want to give up the idea, can not find the entrepreneurial partner will feel more tired, encounter difficulties will feel more helpless.

2011 is a mature year for me, a year from countless difficulties, a year from scratch, a year from a free-for-all to making a partner. For 2011 of the Nursery Stock information network, I would like to share my personal feelings, how to increase the site traffic, any search for new customers, retain old customers, and how to bring revenue to the site.

One, increase the flow of four elements:

1. Microblogging mainly, supplemented by blogs. We all say that content is the main, outside the chain as a supplement. A large number of outside the chain of the importance of the site is self-evident. I think the chain can be said to be the main microblogging, supplemented by blogs. High-quality fan numbers, Twitter update frequency, etc.

There is a saying about the number of Twitter followers: When you have more than 1 fans, you are entertaining yourself; when you have more than 100 fans, you are a magazine; When you have more than 1000 fans, you are a bulletin board; When you have more than 10,000 fans, you are a journal; When you have more than 100,000 fans, You are an urban newspaper; When you have more than 1 million fans, you are a local TV station when you have more than 10 million fans, you are a provincial television station; When you have more than 100 million fans, you are CCTV.

But how to increase the quality of the number of fans? For the seedling Industry micro-blog promotion, must be to find seedlings related to the micro-blog fans. Use microblogging search functions, such as: "Landscape", "nursery", "seedling", "Green nursery stock" industry key words, there are "sweet-scented Osmanthus", "camphor", "Lily", "Hongye Heather" product keywords, and constantly focus on users, the user published Weibo comments, exchange and interaction. For more than 1 months, there is no need to update the microblogging concerns to be canceled, so as to ensure high quality.

2. Website and microblogging data synchronization. Allow site users to bind to Weibo, and data can be synchronized to Weibo. Can greatly improve the number of chain. At the same time can play spread, wildfire effect. As the saying goes: Fan fans, is my fans.

3. Use QQ Birthday reminder skillfully. QQ friends to send birthday blessings, so that customers feel warm, so that customers feel that the site is always concerned about the existence of users. If the user on the birthday of the electronic card, you can also cause my QQ space, to understand my latest developments, but also to my website.

4. Share seedling data information. Every 3 hours on the data analysis, the user's stock to buy information and nursery stock suppliers to provide suppliers with the latest demand for information, for the purchase of manufacturers recommend reliable seedling enterprises.

How to bring advertising benefits to the site? Finally, I would like to say is how to bring revenue to the site, many people say as long as the site has traffic, the weight of high will bring a large number of ads. In fact, because the nursery stock industry users of the computer is a smattering of knowledge, traffic, weight they do not understand, they do not need to know, they want to know whether this site can bring their business, can be their seedlings to promote out.

For potential advertisers, we can offer them a free ad site to try out. Then according to their main products for them to screen the purchase of stock information provided to them. As long as they do, they will be willing to advertise on my website even if they do not bring them business.

This is the point today, if you have any good ideas and suggestions can contact me, qq:639496145. This article from the south-central seedling network:

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