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Web site planning refers to the overall construction of the idea of the site, including the website construction layout design, the website construction function design and the realization method, the website construction wants to achieve the goal, the website content construction and the content renewal plan, the website SEO plan, the website promotion as well as the construction website financial budget and so on many affairs synthesis. Without a comprehensive plan for website construction, it is unthinkable to build a good website. For the site planning, not only to take care of the recent plans, but also to their long-term development, not only to consider how to do a good job site optimization, but also think how to do a good job of the site's promotion, both the appearance of the site, and can not ignore the site's content construction, both to save Therefore, the overall planning of the site is a very cumbersome and very important work. Small series as the company's planning and technical development staff, on this aspect, is willing to how to do a good job of the overall site planning this important work for everyone to analyze and discuss, I hope you will be building the site users can help, and a good plan for their own site, Strive for their own enterprises to build a high-quality website.

Planning a: Clear the purpose of website construction.

Every enterprise or individual to build a website, has its purpose, some for the public welfare services to the community, some to sell products to make money, some in order to be famous on the internet and so on, anyway, have its purpose. In fact, the purpose of website construction is also a goal and positioning problem, with this clear purpose of the station, the site planning for the direction, the site planning can be carried out around this purpose, including the site's functions and content, as well as a variety of web site promotion strategies must serve the purpose of website construction. Otherwise, the website construction also will be not before.

Plan two: The capital budget of the construction website.

The money budget is a very important question, that is, how much money are you going to invest in the site? Including the previous site construction and post site maintenance and promotion, all need to have different amounts of financial support. Of course, if you are willing to invest in, then you can build a large web site, regardless of site maintenance, or the promotion of the website can get pretty good service, can make your site as soon as possible, regardless of site weight or site rankings, can obtain a satisfactory result. Conversely, less money, the site not only started slow, but also may not achieve the intended purpose. Small knitting here is not a requirement that you have to invest a lot of money on the site, as you can, do a good job in all stages of the Web site development planning needs of the capital budget, both the site construction, maintenance, promotion, and save money, if you have no experience in this area, you can consult the local network companies, Let them make some reasonable suggestions for you.

Planning Three: Site features detailed planning.

The function plan of the website is very important, because it is to realize the goal of website construction and make the plan, is to realize the goal and provide the service for the user external manifestation. Generally speaking, a website should have several basic functional modules, such as: Product display, contact method, user registration, company profile, corporate culture and qualification, etc. However, it is possible that you need other functions, such as: Background management module, news information management, product Management module, member management module and some other functional units. Therefore, you must plan for the functionality required by your site and try not to wait until later to add new functionality.

Planning four: The size of the Web site sizing and hosting the selection of servers.

According to the function of the site can judge and determine the size of the site, the number of pages, the size of the space occupied, whether the need for database and so on. In addition, depending on the size of the site to choose the appropriate server space, for example, small sites can generally choose 200MB space, medium-sized sites can choose 500MB or 1GB of space, large sites can choose 1GB space or dedicated server. In this regard, you can also consult a company like a professional website.

Planning Five: Web site display content planning.

To build what kind of site, you should show the relevant content on the site. Different types of sites, the content of the difference is still relatively large. Therefore, there is no fixed format for the planning of Web site content. But the site generally has some common basic content such as: Company profile, product display, related services, contact information, user registration, corporate culture, enterprise qualification and other basic content, other content according to your website construction purposes to determine, as long as it is helpful to achieve your ultimate goal of the relevant content can be displayed on the site. These are also taken into account in the overall planning of the site.

Planning six: After the website on-line maintenance work.

Because the site's construction cycle is generally not too long, ranging from days to dozens of days, so you should also be the site after the online maintenance work together planning. For example, the recruitment of dedicated personnel to maintain the rapid, or to the professional more strong website construction company to maintain. No matter to whom to maintain, to achieve your website construction goals, you must do a few work: 1, regular monitoring of the server is normal, the site is normal; 2, often for the site to add high-quality original articles, 3, regularly update the site pictures, products, contacts and other information; 4, do a good job of data backup; 5, To do a good job in website optimization, 6, the site's external chain construction. If you do this six work, you will be able to make your website weight rise up, ranking constantly forward.

Planning Seven: Future website promotion work.

Website promotion is generally to the website after the official online, website promotion is the main manifestation of network marketing. Do a good job of website promotion, can bring a lot of traffic for your site, not only promote the site, improve the image and visibility of the enterprise, but also help improve the weight of the site and upgrade rankings. Do website promotion and pay promotion and free promotion two kinds. Pay promotion has Baidu bidding rankings, soft text release, purchase ads, and free promotion also a lot, such as exchange links, QQ group propaganda, BBS publicity and so on. Is the use of pay or free, or the combination of both methods should be planned in advance, good financial budget.

Well, small knitting has been the site planning more important points to share to you, these are small set in the work of 1.1 points accumulated experience, I hope for you want to build the site you have enlightenment. In a word, be sure to remember that the site before the site overall planning, is very important to do this work, will be able to your site as a whole have an overall impression, can also promote the next step of the work.

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