Three friends chemical engineering to conquer seawater desalination technology five years after Beijing water conservation

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Tangshan Caofeidian, Hebei province, as the capital of the transfer of the hot zone, was positioned as "Beijing out of Haikou." Caofeidian Industrial Zone North control Accolin Nissan 1 million tons of seawater desalination large-scale project is expected to start in 2019 to Beijing water, will be able to meet about one-third of the water demand in Beijing. The project has been approved by the Hebei Development and Reform Commission and reported to the National Development and Reform Commission for approval. The so-called seawater desalination, is to the bitter sea "desalination", extraction can drink fresh water, but also will produce a large amount of salty water high salinity, usually these thick seawater will be directly discharged into the sea, the marine environment and marine ecology caused damage, The three-friend chemical initiative of the thick seawater Comprehensive utilization project has fundamentally solved a environmental technology problems. It is reported that the three-friend chemical industry in 2006 on the establishment of seawater desalination concentrated seawater comprehensive utilization of research group, after years of exploration, testing, successfully developed a thick seawater for soda production of new technology. At the end of 2011, three friends of chemical thick seawater comprehensive utilization project was successfully put into operation, the project is the use of north-controlled Accolin 50,000 tons/day seawater desalination equipment produced by the discharge of concentrated seawater as raw materials, through refining treatment for soda production. The year can be treated with 18 million m3 of concentrated seawater, reducing CO24 million tons, comprehensive utilization of salt 600,000 tons, saving water resources 10 million m3, the annual efficiency of 150 million yuan. Caofeidian million-ton level seawater desalination project launched, will be three friends of chemical industry to bring new opportunities for development. First of all, millions of tons of seawater desalination projects generated by a large number of waste water will bring more salt and water for the three-friend chemical soda production, while significantly reducing CO2 emissions, and further reduce the cost of chemical soda production of three friends at the same time saving energy consumption, obvious economic benefits. Secondly, in order to solve the problem that the production of soda salt process is relatively fixed to the volume flow demand of dense seawater, taking full advantage of the salt resources in the thick seawater, the three friends chemical industry has carried out technical upgrading of thick seawater comprehensive utilization project, and used some thick seawater as circulating cooling water to achieve further evaporation and thickening of thick seawater while satisfying the production cooling. Some of the concentrated seawater pipeline to the nearby Yantian drying thickening, the other part of the thick seawater directly used for washing mud, eventually all the thick seawater for soda production. The total utilization of concentrated seawater has been greatly improved, further reducing soda salt consumption and reducing freshwater consumption, while the waste heat resources of soda production system have been used for a certain degree, which has obvious economic and social benefits. At the same time, three friends chemical holding shareholder of Hebei Yongda Salt Co., Ltd., Hebei province is the only production of a refined salt of the national level of salt fixed-point production enterprises, the company now can directly use thick seawater to produce edible salt, greatly reducing the production cost of edible salt. Three friends chemical concentrated seawater comprehensive utilization project not only can greatly reduce the soda production cost, energy saving and reducing consumption, at the same time can avoid the sea water desalination on the marine ecological environment of the major adverse effects, is the three friends of chemical industry in the circular economy and comprehensive utilization of resources in the field of another bold exploration, and substantively entered the Caofeidian large economic circle, More Herald three friends chemical new oneThe great development and rapid development of the wheel will follow.
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