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Now more and more network entrepreneurs, with the help of blogging operations to gain the grassroots webmaster also a few, in this strong entrepreneurial trend, stable and fast access to high-speed high-end blog site host is very popular. Hostease is the United States host industry leader, host access speed ranked first in overseas host, its blog site host advantages highlighted, very suitable for webmaster entrepreneurship.

More types

Foreign host provider of the blog site Most of the host are Linux systems, although the Linux Host Security, the establishment of more favorable, but because of the use of domestic users different, Windows System blog site host in China more popular, therefore, overseas host operators want to fully occupy the Chinese market, On the basis of owning Linux blog hosts, Windows Blog hosts are also essential. Hostease host species rich, at the same time provide Linux/windows blog host, and the two host packages are very flexible payment methods, monthly, semi-annual, annual pay, two-year pay, etc. are supported, the majority of owners can freely purchase, more information to view: http://


Blog site for the webmaster Profit hope, natural in the choice of virtual host can not be sloppy, in the case of equal prices, the more powerful the host naturally more favored. and Hostease Blog Host server set up in the international first-class brand room, the speed of domestic access does not say, stability and security also has higher protection. It is understood that the blog hosting the host has 99.9% of the online running time, the stability of the client's website, but also provide advanced firewall, network IPs protection, daily backup of a variety of protection measures, security mechanisms sound. Powerful, in the overseas host is the Premier.

Supports independent IP

In order to adapt to search engine optimization, Hostease blog host also supports independent IP and SSL certificate installation, customers want to obtain independent IP, only need to purchase 30 U.S. dollars/year of SSL certificates can be free to obtain, in the market for independent IP resources in short supply background, It is obviously a good deal to have a separate IP and SSL certificate at the same cost of 30 dollars. Hostease not only in the independent IP to give a larger discount, but also in the host has provided a very gratifying discount code is S15, users with this discount code in the Chinese station to order any payment terms of the blog host can be 15% discount, after the preferential linux/ Windows packages only cost 50.5 dollars a year, 60.7 dollars, cost-effective.

Hostease U.S. host has a Chinese-language station, Chinese customer service, Chinese background submission form and Alipay payment business, localization service advantages, and its use of Plesk and Chanel panel function is powerful, operation is very simple, In the market is very popular, therefore, the majority of owners if they buy the host to build a blog site, it will be very convenient.

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