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Yesterday on the internet with a QQ friend complained that new station to find others exchange links how so difficult. This good friend, oneself runs a model website, at present Pr=5, he didn't tell me how to do at first, just told me a story. He says he's arranging a job for one of his employees to swap links for a pr=0 channel. After a period of time, the staff told him, Pr=0 's website, find links too difficult. He asked him, how many stations did you find? Employees say 3. He told the staff, his current site is also from pr=0, when he found the link, on average, did not find 20 to succeed one. The staff listened and did not speak. The story inspires me deeply. How many sites have I been looking for? I'm starting to complain. Your pr=0 website, how can others happily promise to do friendship link with you?

New station to find links to the first thing, diligent!

Friend very help, immediately use his own website to do two links, let me open the exchange link is not smooth situation.

In the afternoon, I browsed more than 20 forums in the same industry. In each forum's edition area, I am very sincere to the administrator to leave a message, why say oneself sincerity?

First of all, I saw a lot of other people to apply for exchange links, a lot of people only wrote the site name, Web site, the other is empty. I think this is bad, I wrote:

the following references:

Hello, admin! I am the only Love HD community webmaster, want to exchange links with your website. Only Love HD community, is a high-definition player, hd 6186.html "> player, hard disk player, network player-related information sharing platform, including product market information, product evaluation information, reference prices, dealer information." The goal is to create a fast, accurate and comprehensive community interactive platform for HD enthusiasts to get the information they need.

Your site in the industry is a highly well-known site, only Love HD very much hope to be able to exchange links with your website, and constantly learn from your website progress.

Your site's connection has been done, please review! If appropriate, I hope your site can also add only love high-definition links, thank you!

Our community name is: Only Love HD

Our community web site is: http://www.***.net

Wait until 9 o'clock in the evening when I see, wow! There are 4 websites that add my friendship links, one of which is pr=5,pr=3,pr=2,pr=0. I'm really happy.

New station to find links to the second thing, sincere!

Today, still continue to find friendship connection, Evening received a pr=2 webmaster reply, he told me temporarily can not help me add, the reason is currently my Baidu included only 1 pages, when I to 10 pages, he will add me. I didn't complain, nor did I get rid of the links I had already added to my website. On the contrary, I am very grateful to the webmaster, he let me know why, let me know the goal of hard work. So I thanked him by replying, thanking him for answering my letter and thanking him for telling me why. Just received the answer from the webmaster, he has accompanied me. Thank you so much!

New station to find friendship connection of the third thing, Thanksgiving!

Friendship constantly, link constantly, all just started, I will continue, I will continue to use these three magic weapons! Hope to see this article of digital, home appliances related site webmaster, if willing, you can come to my site to find me add links, thank you!

This question by the only Love HD ( original, retains the copyright information is the author's greatest encouragement!

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