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Hello everyone, I am Chengzhou. Remember before I wrote an article, "Do four things you can easily build high-quality outside the chain", mainly from the number of links, link display rate, link relevance and links to a wide range of four aspects to talk about high-quality outside the chain construction to pay attention to several problems. Today I will introduce some of my experience on the construction of the chain.

Recently heard that "outside the chain for the emperor" This sentence has become obsolete, because the recent Baidu adjustment algorithm, reduce the weight of the chain, outside the chain has not so important, we should not spend a lot of effort to do outside the chain. Here I personally hold a negative view, because no matter how Baidu to reduce the weight of the chain, the chain will still be the site optimization process is very important link. A website has more outside the chain, but also is the high quality outside the chain, the website rank certainly will rely on the front, the flow rate certainly will ascend, optimizes certainly the easier. Therefore, the construction of the chain is still our optimization work in the most important. So how to build high-quality outside the chain? I combined myself in the process of doing outside the chain of some experience summed up the following four questions, and according to these four problems constantly reflect on their own shortcomings, and constantly make up, continuous improvement.

1. The basic work of the outside chain construction have you done?

No matter what work to do, the most basic must be done well. As we all know, a tall building must have a solid foundation, so that we can make it stand out in the clouds. Do Web site optimization work is the same, must do the most basic work. The construction of the chain is the basic work of website optimization, must do well. But do you have a very good concept for the basic work of the construction of the chain? Let me introduce you to what we need to do before we do the chain.

The most basic work outside the chain can not escape four aspects, we have many people have been doing so. The most basic four aspects are: A, blog. B, question and answer. C, Forum. D, classification information.

Some people may say, I have done a good job in these four areas, and spend a lot of time doing these things every day. Perhaps we really work hard in doing these things, but also do very good, but I also want to ask you a question: these four aspects of the basic work you do?

Have you made a note of the accounts for blogs, questions, answers, forums, and classified information? Have you filled in the information you can fill in? Some blogs and forums can add friendship links you have added? Do you update your blog at every time? Do you often go to Baidu to know, search and answer questions? Blog building You are not only know to send articles do not go to other people's blog to stroll, leave a message? Classification information you send the frequently, how many days, which weight high? The Forum replies is not the intention to return?

There are a lot of these basic work, here I temporarily think so much, we can also think about what they do not do, carefully examine their basic work, do not let yourself fall in the beginning.

2, outside the chain construction how beautiful do you do?

Some time ago there is a webmaster friends communicate with me that they do outside the chain is very powerful, one day to do hundreds of, and most will be included. I admire him, said to learn from him, I am very patient to listen to him talk about some of his experience. Chatting, I found a problem, he said his site has been done for 4 months, but I check his chain when he found that the chain of his site only 2000 more, I was very strange to ask him why so little? He said he did not know, the daily collection of many but the chain is not bullish. I carefully checked his chain, found that a lot is through some small outside the chain exchange platform, or some unknown classified information site to do, the chain has a feature, low weight, may be included today, over time will be deleted.

This webmaster friend of this incident aroused my reflection, because recently I often found that my site's outside the chain, although every big update will rise, but not a big update will slowly reduce some. What caused the situation? Here is the question I mentioned earlier: How beautiful do you make out of chain construction?

The outside chain of a website is not only more, should notice is how beautiful, in other words is to be high quality. What kind of outer chain is beautiful outside the chain? Here I feel pretty outside the chain has three main characteristics. A, high weight outside the chain. B, the display rate of many outside the chain. C, high correlation of the outside chain.

The weight of the outside chain is mainly to see the main station of the weight of the page, like Baidu know, paste the outside chain has a high weight. Show a lot of outside the chain, regardless of your main station weight of the page, your page first has a high weight, so this chain is necessarily beautiful outside the chain. High correlation There's no need to say this.

3, outside the chain of construction you are step-by-step in doing it?

As we all know, a step-by-step approach is a better way to get things done. Step by step, make a few mistakes, will not go into a dead end, will not detours, will not waste unnecessary time. However, I think sometimes we need some skills to do the chain, do not always do it in a step-by-step manner. Because I think the step-by-step to do outside the chain will be lack of passion, lack of inspiration, lack of progress.

What is the trick? The trick is that we use this method and it will take more effort. Discover skills, use the skills to do the chain, we can continue to progress, step-by-step is not to bring us the opportunity for continuous improvement, the use of skills will make our outside the chain building work easier.

I am doing outside the chain in order to find their own lazy way also tried a lot of methods, below to introduce some I think a good two methods: A, competitors. B, Baidu weight.

Do optimization must pay attention to the analysis of competitors, their advantages to learn, do not be proud to think that they are stronger than others, shortcomings will be used to fight them. Where the competitors do the chain we go there to do, but also to do more and better faster, and then expand their own outside the chain of construction methods. Baidu did update the algorithm recently, here, "Baidu weight" I said that Baidu to give what kind of site weight high. These need our own continuous summary, after this period of observation I found that Baidu to give classified information site is very high weight. We can do outside the chain of the time to do more classified information outside the chain.

4, outside the chain of construction we have what is the shortage of places?

Do the basic work of the chain construction, do the outside chain is also very beautiful, but also the use of skills to improve the efficiency of the construction of the chain, it seems that our outside the chain of construction to do a very perfect. Indeed, in this way, our work on the construction of the chain to complete the work of 90%, it is worth celebrating. But there are still 10% of us unfinished.

Why is there so much unfinished? I think, do not only need to do the chain of basic work, do beautiful, speak skills, but also need us to find their own shortcomings, check leakage fill. For example, we can check the wide extent of the chain, our site outside the chain on how many sites appear, and we also have to pay attention to the analysis of which sites have high weight, can bring direct benefits to our site.

Not satisfied with the status quo, there is a continuous improvement of the heart, we can do more and better. Nobody is perfect, outside the chain construction process we must have some insufficient place, after finding correct we can do more and more good.

Well, I wrote this article here, I hope you can also according to my four questions to reflect on how to build high-quality outside the chain, but also hope that we can build high-quality outside the chain, better optimize their own web site. Friends who want to talk to me can add my qq:578785411.

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