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Today and friends talk about Mengniu, and then began to talk about the use of the network to sell milk, I listen to feel incredible, careful analysis of a moment, found that the idea is not only very feasible, but also can help Mengniu to create miracles, quickly become the world's largest milk products company.

The thought analysis includes the following sections:

1, the network orders the milk to the user the benefit!

2, the network direct milk to MENGNIU benefits!

3. Three-step strategy of concrete operation

3. The key to Gong operation

The benefits of ordering milk online

1. Save money

Network sales, low cost, natural price will be lower.

2, convenient

Online next order, a carton of milk quickly delivered to the delivery, very convenient. In addition, children can regularly directly online to parents to buy milk, but also very convenient.

Second, the internet to sell milk to Mengniu company benefits

1, can establish a huge end-user database, multiply sales:

Through the network direct sales, you can quickly get millions or even more terminal customers, at the same time a huge end-user database has also been established, and then reasonable use of database marketing, so you can multiply the increase in sales.

For example: A customer ordered a carton of milk, the program can automatically calculate the user fast consumption of this box of milk time, when the program estimated users quickly finish, and then through email, SMS, telephone and other means to remind customers to continue to order, and then door-to-door. In this way, most customers will continue to order. This on the one hand to help customers cultivate a long-term drinking milk good habit, at the same time multiplied the increase of a customer's repeated consumption,

2, greatly enhance the brand value of milk Company

Three elements of the brand include: 1, popularity, 2, reputation, 3 loyalty. Among them, loyalty is the most difficult to do, and through the above mentioned database marketing, customer loyalty is naturally greatly improved.

3, greatly reduce marketing costs

Internet marketing methods Use the right words, it is the lowest cost marketing platform, nature can greatly reduce the cost of dairy companies marketing.

4, this innovation and promote its rapid development

If that dairy company were to follow this strategy, it would become the world's First Milk company on the internet, and even quickly become an international top milk company.

Iii. three-step strategy for concrete operation

The first step: starting from a city, only one product

This product, must choose high-end some of the milk products, such as Mengniu's special Lun Su, can drink, but also as a gift to friends and relatives of the benefits of gifts, more suitable for the first online direct. It's easier to start this new market first.

The second step: a city, direct sales of multiple products network Direct

Started by a product, the basis of operation, and then start a variety of products together to do, to cover a wider range of user groups.

Step three: National copy, even the whole world copy this mode

A city operates successfully, then it can run the model all over the country and even around the world, prompting the company to grow rapidly into the world's largest milk company.

Iv. key points for successful operation:

The core of business is marketing!

The core of E-commerce is Network Marketing!

and network marketing and traditional marketing with a huge difference.

In the past 10 years, whether dead or operating but losing money on the Internet companies, or the traditional industries into the Internet suffered the failure of companies, most of the failure of the real reason is because their management team is not proficient in internet marketing, blindly burning money, and ultimately lead to failure.

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