Two-way server IBM x3650m4 7915i21 sold 15500 yuan

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The IBM System x3650 M4 (7915i21) server is a dual-path server, with the greatest feature being the introduction of Intel's new Xeon e5-2609 processor, CPU frequency is 2.4GHz, quad core share 10MB three level cache, support four threading Technology 32nm production process. Stable performance. At present, the merchant "Hao Lian Tak (Beijing) technology Co., Ltd." the latest quotation for 15500 Yuan.

Memory, the standard is a 4GB of memory, through up to 24 memory slots so that maximum memory can reach 768GB, this is the new Xeon E5 server advantages, scalability excellent.

Hard disk, this server standard is a 300GB of SAS interface hard disk, storage fast and stable, not easy to damage, the largest can support up to 9TB of storage capacity.

Editorial Reviews: The equipment in terms of workmanship, or in the overall performance of the machine can be called Classic, and this server combines a number of IBM green technology, in energy conservation and environmental protection is very good, can save a lot of late investment for enterprises.

"Product model": IBMX3650M4 7915i21 Server

"Product price": 15500

"Company Name": Hao Lian Tak (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

"Contact Tel": 010-51266868 13051828283 Zhang Qiang

"Contact Q q": 287664303

"Contact Address": City Netscape B807, No. 123th, Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing

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Ibmsystem x3650 M4 (7915I21) Product Information Quote Picture Evaluation product model: Rack CPU Type: Intel Xeon e5-2600 Standard memory capacity: 4GB hard Drive Type: sas/ SATA standard Hard drive Capacity: 300GB Schema type: 2U View more Parameters >> View more Products >> (author: Blingz, editor: Blingz)
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