Ubuntu 10.04 Lts is officially released and will build a team in China

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As the Linux operating system that was born at the end of 2004, Ubuntu has developed rapidly in just 5 years--there are already 12 million people in the world using http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/13835.html. Ubuntu System. This is not just due to its free promotion (as long as the online submission of information, you can get free Ubuntu system CD), but also because of its ease of use and strong development community support. April 29, 2010 is an important day for global Ubuntu users: The Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is officially released.

Based on the latest version of the Linux desktop operating system--ubuntu10.04 LTS (long-term support) desktop operating system is officially released today. The Ubuntu project's business operations company canonical will also build a complete team in China.

This release provides free security maintenance updates for the three-year support feature and is available for free download with the start of the day.

Canonical, chief representative of China, said Yulijiang, including Dell and other partners, Ubuntu10.04 LTS will be pre-installed on various models of major manufacturers this summer.

"There is a long-term support release every two years, and the normal version provides only 18 months of technical support, after this release, many partners will migrate to this platform." "Yulijiang said.

The features of the Ubuntu LTS Desktop feature include powerful design features, faster start-up speeds, social networking, online services, and an Ubuntu one music library.

Yulijiang said that cooperation with Lenovo is deepening, in addition to the released products, there will be more projects in the future.

To tie in with the business development of local partners in China, Yulijiang said it will build a team in China that covers all functions, from pre-sales to core development to quality inspection and project managers, all of whom will be in place.

Yulijiang said that cooperation with local Chinese manufacturers includes three parts, the first is the product pre-installed, such as home appliances to the countryside, the second is the demand for customization, and third, these vendors for different countries, the application of different platforms integrated projects.

For LTS, the reader familiar with Ubuntu is naturally aware that Ubuntu publishes a new system version every 6 months, and a LTS long-term support version (long-term Support) is released every two years, and its desktop version typically provides 3-year support, and enterprise-oriented Server Edition will provide up to 5 years of technical support. So what new features does Ubuntu 10.04 offer as the latest LTS major release?

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