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If using WordPress to do information site will usually involve submitting or reprint other site articles, we need to mark the source of the article. Because the appearance of the page, is generally in the article under the title of the text indicated. The specific method can use WordPress custom column.

1. In the WordPress background writing article page in the upper right corner, click the following figure "Display Options", in the Pull out menu "custom column" option to tick.


2. The "Custom column" Edit menu is added below the article edit box. Fill in the name with "author" (Other English is also OK). Fill in the author's name in the value.


3. Next in the article page this value. In single.php, under the heading corresponding code, add:

< php echo Get_post_meta ($post->id, "author", true);? >

If the previous article does not have this option, we can make a judgment:

< php $author = Get_post_meta ($post->id, ' author ', true); if ($author) {echo "$author";} else echo "micro-interest"? >

When there is no corresponding value, the direct output "micro-interest bar." The effect is as follows:


This article author: micro-letter Interesting bar: Please specify!

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