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VPS Product Introduction

1: Fully support the virtualization operating system technology of Chinese Windows Server 2003
2: Support Windows Virtualization operating system technology
3: Server virtualization technology that truly implements zero-downtime migration

VPS Services, is the use of virtualization system to partition a physical server into a number of virtual exclusive server services. Each VPS can be assigned independent public network IP address, independent operating system, independent super space, independent memory, independent CPU resources, independent execution program and independent system configuration. In addition to the user can allocate more than one virtual host and mailbox, but also have all independent server functions, can install the program, separate restart the server, in short, VPS is a high elasticity, high-quality and Low-cost cost-effective server solutions. In Europe and America developed countries, virtualization technology has become a trend, through the initial popularization stage, the VPS service has become the industry's focus on business. Select the VPS users can be at a lower price to obtain their own IP address, in an independent virtual hardware environment with the remote management of the server control, can be arbitrary new sites, configure FTP, install SQL, installation components, etc. only stand-alone server can do all kinds of operations

The development prospect of virtualization technology

Virtualization is a fashionable keyword throughout the IT industry, from desktop systems to servers, from storage systems to networks, where virtualization can be more and more widespread. Virtualization allows us to start multiple operating systems simultaneously on the same computer, with many different applications on each operating system, and multiple applications that do not interfere with one another. China's IDC industry has developed well in recent years, and the emergence of various new technologies and new products to the IDC industry has injected new vitality. A variety of emerging Internet applications such as virtual host such a low performance product has been unable to meet the growing needs of users, and VPS (Virtual private Server, stand-alone host) The service is a product that compensates for the poor performance and operability of a virtual host and the high price of renting a host.

The principle of VPS technology

To understand Hyper-V, consider its 3 main components: The virtual Machine Manager, the virtualization stack, and the new virtual I/O model. Windows Virtual Machine Manager is used primarily to create different partitions, and each of the virtualized instance code runs within its own partition. The virtualization stack and the I/O model are used to provide interaction with Windows itself and the various partitions created.

The three components work in coordination. The servers in Hyper-V have processors with Intel VT or AMD-V Assistive technology, and Hyper-V uses this server to interact with Virtual Machine Manager. Virtual Machine Manager is a very small level of software, directly reflected in the processing machine. The software hooks the thread in the processor, allowing the host operating system to run on a single physical processor to effectively manage multiple virtual machines and multiple virtual operating systems.

Because you don't need to install third-party software or drive a product, you can almost guarantee compatibility. With effective process management, you can add resources to the machine that provides virtualization services. From processor to memory, from NIC to attached storage medium, you can add all these devices to hyper-V without stopping any other services or interrupting the user's session. You can also offer 64-bit passenger jets, which is a great boon to organizations that turn to 64-bit software. You can use the virtual porting process to save on deployment costs, and then you can estimate how many physical machines you will need after you complete the transplant.

VPS Usage Instructions

Linux and Windows-enabled VPS products
VPS is a support for Windows platform VPS (virtual dedicated server) products. VPS using virtual operating system technology, so that each physical server in the case of hardware support can be installed 50~200 VPS to provide services to customers. Is the best commercial virtualization server product. VPS Management tools for Windows make it easier to manage both operating systems simultaneously.
Two isolation: server 0 Downtime to ensure exclusive resources per VPS
Why do users tend to love independent host services? One of the most important reasons is to have complete control over the server and not be disturbed by other factors outside. VPS has the same function! The VPS implements two isolation, software and hardware isolation, and customer and customer isolation.
Software and hardware Isolation
The VPS uses the operating system virtualization technology to achieve the software and the hardware isolation, thus has changed the hacker program frequently exploits the attack entrance, thus enhances the server security, this also means that the VPS can be quick and easy to migrate from one server to another. In fact, VPS are even more secure and reliable than stand-alone servers. Because based on the operating system virtualization technology, VPS completely with the underlying hardware isolation, through the operating system template easy to achieve the launch of the VPS server, you can drag and drop the way to realize the VPS server migration, so that the real server maintenance and update zero downtime.
Quarantine between customers
Each VPS has independent server resources (including drive, CPU, memory, hard disk, and network I/O), because of the use of dynamic partition isolation, VPS to achieve a complete isolation between different customers. Isolation between customers ensures that each VPS has its own server resources, and no one can influence or drag down other users of the same physical server.
Virtualized servers are more secure than stand-alone servers. The underlying architecture changes the attack node and blocks similar denial of service attacks.

VPS Product Features

The salient feature of Hyper-V compared to other virtualization platforms is the streamlined structure that improves performance, and we use virtual server as a proxy for traditional virtualization technologies to compare with Hyper-V. Hyper-V and virtual server, while Microsoft's server virtualization products, have a significant difference: hyper-V in the architecture is completely different from the latter, can be said to be Microsoft's virtualization technology in a breakthrough. From the diagram we can easily see the difference between them.

The current market on the main configuration of the VPS is generally 256M or 512M memory, the lowest has 128M, which often leads to system memory resources, especially when running MySQL or MSSQL, memory exhaustion after the system response speed is very slow; In order to provide users with high-quality VPS experience, Kyung-ji Technology integration of resources, the industry's first launch of 1G memory VPS, the price is similar to other service providers 256M memory products; server CPU using two quad-core Xeon 5405, its performance is the core series of more than 5 times times; hard drive using million-turn SAS hard Drive, SAS hard drive transmission data can reach 3.0gbit/sec, is the SATA hard drive transmission rate of about twice times. The virtualization software uses HYPER-V,HYPER-V to occupy the system resource very little, the performance is far superior to wmware. First-class configuration, to create a real VPS the king of cost-effective, now or never, quickly snapped up!

User-isolated flexibility and direct control of VPS. Full Control of VPS: Run any application software, create any custom configuration.
Higher security and higher security also means higher service reliability.
Resource control and peak quality ensure a higher level of service and resources for users. Allows peak usage of unused server resources, providing a service that is better than stand-alone host level (many low-end stand-alone server resources are secondary to the level of the DS server)
Templates and application suite for new applications. Operating system and application software can be updated in time to reduce security risks.
VZPP Customer Control Panel Self-Service management and use of troubleshooting tools: Restart, repair, reload, backup, real-time monitoring VPS operation. Action logs and resource utilization statistics help administrators discover and troubleshoot failures.
Easy migration for upgrades and migrations without stopping the service. Service providers can meet the demand from low to high almost all host services.
Backup and restore features backup and restore. Many DS service scenarios include the space to back up users.

VPS Installation Configuration

Product Name: Basic VPS-Enhanced VPS Professional VPS VIP VPS Product Number: vps001 vps002 vps003 vps004 Host Configuration "O S": Win2003+sp1 win2003+sp1 win2003+sp1 win2003+ SP1 "CPU": Inter5110 Core Duo processor 64-bit X2 Inter5110 Core Duo processor 64-bit X2 Inter5110 Core Duo processor 64-bit X2 Inter5110 Core Duo processor 64-bit X2 "Memory": 256 MB MB 512MB 1G "Hard disk": Ten GB GB GB GB "traffic": Unrestricted unrestricted Unrestricted Unlimited unlimited "I P": Independent 1 Independent 1 independent of 1 Independent 1 purchase:

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