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Now many people want to have their own blogs, websites, forums. Perhaps is by the friend colleague's influence around, perhaps is wants to really do the matter which belongs to oneself, wants the entire website to play. But whatever the reason, I would like to say that in the premise of doing a website, we also need to choose a relatively stable host. For a novice, or the host does not understand the friend, do the website to choose which host is a big puzzle.

I am also from a will not build a blog to start to come, at first thought to build a blog is very simple, but the fact is not so. Make this website also changed several times space, why want to change? This site people know that the space is not stable, will lead to a slow opening of the site, or even difficult to open, which also affected the search engine crawler to crawl the page, so Baidu will not be better included in your site and site content.

We often in the forum, in the personal blog can see a lot of friends are asking: I want to do the site, I should choose which host is better?

There are many kinds of virtual host, from the local host and foreign host; from the host-supported program environment can be divided into two types: one is windows; one is Liunx. What kind of host is that? In fact, everyone's views are different, because they can be used in the process to understand which section is better? Some people give you the type of host, but you may not be able to use it, because not all of the virtual hosts support the site of any program.

Domestic mainframe, for the domestic people, easy to operate, because the foreign host, the general background operation is in English, for this is not too "cold" people, is a difficult. There are after-sale problems, foreign host is generally used in English communication, this is very troublesome for the Chinese people. So for those who want to buy foreign host can choose those who manage the background is Chinese host.

In fact, the individual is still quite accustomed to using foreign host. Did a few stations, from all aspects feel pretty good. Foreign host exempt from the record, by the major webmaster like, bought that use, reducing unnecessary time and energy. Foreign host now mostly have c863.html ">panel panel, some or Chinese, these operations are more convenient." Cost-effective, it is not like domestic host, the size of domestic host support limited, foreign host most of the host is better, can be used indefinitely.

In the purchase of the host, we have to choose the quality of service. Foreign hosts generally provide 24 hours of technical support services, such as the United States, the full host. 24-hour technical support to ensure that users have any problems when no one can not find a solution to the situation, and if the server when the machine time than their guarantee, the general will have compensation measures, these are more than most of the domestic virtual host do want to be solid and honest, We can enjoy a few foreigners excellent service bar.

Domestic host and foreign host above have said, do the website to choose which host, you must have the idea of the heart! If you still do not understand the foreign host, you can consult Nong classmate, she is engaged in the United States host, her service attitude is very good, should be back to help you a lot of busy. All right, let's talk about it today!

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