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HTML (hypertext mark-up Language), the Hypertext Markup Language or hyper-text link marking language, is the most widely used language on the Internet, and it is also the main language that makes up Web documents. The purpose of designing an HTML language is to be able to easily link text or graphics stored in one computer to text or graphics on another computer, to form an organic whole, without having to consider whether the specific information is on the current computer or on other computers on the network. We simply use the mouse to click an icon in a document, and the Internet immediately goes to the content associated with this icon, which may be stored on another computer on the network. HTML text is a descriptive text consisting of HTML commands that can describe text, graphics, animations, sounds, tables, links, and so on. The structure of HTML consists of a head, a body, two parts of the head, which describes the information required by the browser, and the body contains the specific content to be described.
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In addition, HTML is the common language of the network, a simple, universal, full markup language. It allows web makers to create complex pages of text and images that can be browsed by any other person on the web, regardless of the type of computer or browser used. It's not magic at all, because now you're looking at a page written in this language!

HTML is simply a series of tags that are grouped together into a single text file. They are like the conductor of a band, telling musicians where to pause and where to be passionate.

HTML tags are usually the full name of English words (such as block references: BLOCKQUOTE) or abbreviations (such as "P" represent paragraph), but they differ from the general text because they are placed in a single title number. So the Paragragh label is <p>, and the Block reference label is <blockquote>. Some labels explain how the page is formatted (for example, start a new paragraph), others explain how the words are displayed (<b> make the text thicker) and other tags that provide information that is not displayed on the page-for example, the title.

I. Basic concepts:
Web pages, Web sites, browsers, Ie/netscape
HTML: Hypertext Markup Language, what is hypertext, what is markup language.
How the content of HTML is displayed.

Second, HTML syntax:

Some properties of <body>:
What is an attribute:
Text: Sets the color of the text in the entire page
Link: Used to set the display color of general hyperlink text
ALink: Used to set the mouse to move to the hyperlink and press the mouse is a hypertext display color
Vlink: Set the color of the hyperlinks you've visited
Background: Set background picture, can be absolute or relative path.
BgColor: The user sets the background color, this property will lose its effect when the background is set
LeftMargin: Left Margin
TopMargin: Top margin

Iv. notes and special characters:
The contents of the annotation are not displayed
Annotations cannot be nested.
< <
> >
& &
" '
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Copyright symbol

Five, format tags
 <p></p>: Used to create a paragraph, you can set the alignment of the paragraph by align
 <br/>: Single mark Add a "/" directly before ">" Represents a closing tag that displays a line break
 <center></center>: Centering the graphic or text between pairs in a horizontal direction
 <marquee></marquee : Move pictures or text. Direction property: The movement direction of the content (left,right,down,up); behavior: Specifies the movement behavior of the content (scroll,alternate,slide)
 <dl></dl ><dt></dt><dd></dd>: Used to create a plain list.
 <ol></ol><ul></ul><li></li>:<ol></ol> Create a list marked with numbers; <ul></ul> the list to be created is marked with a dot;<li></li> can only be used between <ol></ol> or <ul></ul>. Represents a list item
 <pre></pre>: Pre-format Text processing

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