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e-mail marketing, referred to as EDM, is a kind of maintenance of old customers, the development of new customers network marketing means. Because of its low cost by the likes of businesses, a lot of stationmaster in order to expand their business, has been looking for high collection rate, fast mail mass way. Believe that a lot of the webmaster will find a problem, the network is known as a full into the box, a day can send tens of thousands of to hundreds of thousands of of the bulk of the mail, when the owners pay the money to use, will find a variety of restrictions, the final result is the success rate of the collection of low, daily delivery. The author and most webmaster, experienced countless attempts, the last two months summed up the experience and share.

To get good email marketing results, first, you need to clear the number of messages you want to send each day, because the number of messages sent determines the way to use the bulk of the mail, followed by a clear mass of the Inbox is to subscribe to customers, or to open up new customers, the success rate of mass mailing is also a very important factor. Finally, we also have to be clear to which mail server to send to the problem, the author is more like sent to QQ users mailbox, because the QQ mailbox received letters, have a window effect, direct effect best, and the network provides software, you can search online QQ friend users. Can be directly collected QQ mailbox. Of course, there are some do not open QQ mailbox users, this is a drawback. If you want to send a lot of mail, of course, only the choice of QQ mailbox is not, must be combined with a variety of mail server users to send, the success rate will be relatively high.


One, daily no more than 500 mail mass method

A lot of webmaster will only send 500 messages a day, but through the accumulation of every day, as long as the stick to send, must be able to produce a good marketing means, and the day sent 500 is the most easy to achieve, send the highest success rate. How to achieve the mass of 500 of emails? The webmaster who has implemented the mass mailing must know that the free 163,126,QQ mailbox and so on, when sending 20-50 messages of the same content, then continue to send to the trash can, or the mail server pull into the blacklist, pay the 163, 126,sina and other enterprises VIP mailbox, can achieve daily send 500 mail, but must pay hundreds of to thousands of of the monthly fee, for the grassroots webmaster This expenditure seems too big.

The author found that the best delivery program is the use of QQ Enterprise mailbox, is still free to use, the prerequisite is that you must have a domain name, I think for the webmaster, the domain name is not difficult, the author uses the domain name is www.zjzs.cn. After registering a good QQ enterprise email account, according to the prompts to set the domain name MX and alias, you can use the QQ enterprise mailbox, each domain name account below, you can create 200 of the SMTP protocol to support the mailbox account, QQ Enterprise mailbox allows to set one of the mailboxes for outgoing mailboxes, in addition to send a mailbox is not subject to content and frequency restrictions , can send up to 500 letters per day, the system also provides the message tracking function, you can clearly statistics the reading rate of the message. This group of methods have an advantage, the use of QQ Enterprise mailbox sent to ordinary QQ mailbox, in theory, Tencent is certainly allowed, so the success rate can reach 100%.

Second, the use of support for the SMTP protocol free mailbox for mass mailing

Most of the bulk of the mail is used in this way, before sending software, must register countless support SMTP protocol free mailbox, such as 163,126,SOHU,QQ mailbox. 163,126,sohu Mailbox Registration After successful support SMTP send, and QQ mailbox must be opened 14 days before the SMTP protocol is allowed to set up. Such free mailboxes send up to 20-50 messages of the same content daily, so it is necessary to create hundreds of accounts in turn to send mail, in order to achieve a large number of mail bulk effect. Sign up for free mail in addition to downloading some software on the Internet can be batch registration, you can also go to Taobao to buy, the price is very cheap, 100 mailbox only need 4 Yuan.

After you've prepared your Outbox, it's just a matter of what software you use to email, the author has tried a lot of software, the Invincible Mail mass software is a good software, sending efficiency and speed are also good, the software is a very big feature, that is, you can automatically insert variables to make each message is different, while supporting multitasking multithreading send, So you can achieve more than tens of thousands of of the daily delivery volume. The software can also find cracked and used tutorials online. If the inbox you want to be QQ mailbox, that can use the Rainstorm online QQ search device to collect, acquisition speed is very fast. If you need to crack version of friends, you can also contact with the author.

The other is called Silver arc mail mass software, QQ mailbox collection can be realized, automatic dialing number sent. This is the software integration of these features after the greatest advantages, but the transmission speed is relatively slow, generally up to 10,000 a day.

Third, the schema SMTP server for bulk Mail

The success of mail delivery depends on two aspects, whether there is a limit to the sending mail server, or whether there is a limit to the mail server. Either side of the restrictions on the delivery of mail conditions, the success rate is very low, the use of a self-made SMTP server, from the source to solve the problem of the issue of server restrictions, there are two ways to have an SMTP server, a Windows environment, the other is under the Linux server. and the self-mail server is best to have the computer room to provide a fixed IP address, if you are using ADSL dial set up the mail server, the success rate is very low, most of the mail will enter the trash can not even receive.

Winmail is a Windows environment installed in the mail server, the installation process is very simple, a few minutes can be completed, the trial version can be used 30 days, you can create a mailbox account to support SMTP. Another section of the author used software called the Valley of mass-search software, the main core of the mail server using Linux sendmail or postfix SMTP25 port, the software is known to be able to accurately deliver to 163,126,sina,sohu,21cn,qq and other well-known large mailbox, Mail delivery arrival rate of more than 99%, not into the dustbin. But the author through the blood of the lesson, that is impossible to achieve, I hope that readers should also be careful to buy. In fact, compared to two kinds of software technology, the principle of implementation is the same, although the problem of sending restrictions, but in fact can not be put into the user's Inbox, but also depends on the recipient server.

The use of a self-mail server to create support for SMTP mail account, at the same time with the above mentioned the invincible mass mail software for operation to send, can achieve mass mailing function.

Four, use the EDM platform to send

A lot of webmaster dubious, that the online delivery of the EDM platform is false, the author is also trying to summarize the success rate of transmission. Now recommend two platforms for everyone to test together.

The first platform is COMM100 Web site, the site is www.comm100.cn, the platform is currently all free, before January 8, his function is called News letter, is now converted into the mail marketing, the previous version of the author has been tested, an hourly permit to send 500 letters, but the need for webmaster audit. Now the new version with points as a standard, as long as you need, you can apply to the site, the number of mass unlimited, as long as the administrator through the. The site also has a message tracking function to clearly view the opening rate of the message.


The second platform is a new network of EDM, the Web site is www.xinnet.com, the platform is paid for use, the use of patterns and COMM100 similar, pay free to send mail, at present I have opened the EDM package, is testing the effect, to the test results feedback to the webmaster.


e-mail in human simulated web mode

The typical representative of this message is Coolie mail, Web site for www.kuliyou.com, the software using manual simulation of the way to send a mailbox, with high success rate of transmission, the disadvantage is that the transmission speed is too slow, the author tried the trial version of the use, the effect is better.

No matter which way the message is used, the content editor is also very important, here are a few things to note:

(1) The use of illustrated mail content

(2) Random changes to the header and content insertion variables of a message

(3) Try to write some filter keywords, such as AD, special offers, specials, etc.

No matter which kind of mail mass way, stationmaster must have a good marketing mentality, do not be anxious for success, only unceasingly develops the member, lets the member become your mail to subscribe the customer, is finally wins the customer the foundation, is also the mail mass successful rate promotion guarantee.

Original Author: www.zjzs.cn stationmaster, qq:6707578 (Hangzhou Shop net), reprint please keep the link, thank you!

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