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It's been almost two years since I was a website, from the first flow of mobile phone picture station, until the sale and redo a few new stations, although did not make real achievements, but also counted a little personal do station experience, the following is said: For the optimization of the site, or to say that the ranking of keywords ( First do not say conversion rate, that is, usually do station rookie mouth SEO, in fact, at present my level looks, very simple, nothing more than a few points.

1. Domain Name

Here says the domain name includes two points, domain name time and domain name contains the key word, for domain name time, obviously, the old domain name is better than the new domain name to do rankings, even if the domain name does not contain keywords, also better than the new station good optimization. The domain name contains keywords that are significantly better ranked than those that do not contain keywords.

2. The production of the website

At present, we do stations, the basic is the use of ready-made CMS system, very convenient and very simple, then I said that the production of the site just want to say the site template production. Because did not seriously learn to make a template, I used the Dede system template is basically from the forum to download the share, and then I have more or less modified a bit, from which I found that the template to download back to their own modified significantly better than not moved a good optimization, but also easy to be included.

3. Enrichment of content

Do content original easy to be included, also easy to have a good ranking, this is what we all know, collection can also be included, but not too easy to do keyword rankings, of course, if your site weight is very high, then personally feel that the acquisition of content search engine will also be very important. Fill content do not add a lot of time, the love is easy to get search engine, have tried a few stations, a lot of content, the basic is not to be down right is k off, it may be my luck too.

4. High quality external chain

This at present seems to be the most important one, because I found this time, although now are in the optimization, but the results of the good or bad all in the external link, like the current Valley Hundred Excellent competition, basic are also in the chain. The PR update, row before several sites, PR directly rose to the 5,6 of a lot of, many are PR4, can see how important the chain.

Above these several points, although said more general, but oneself in peacetime do the station feel a little experience, for our small stationmaster, we do not need to understand so many advanced theories, as long as we insist, as long as we are willing to do, will also build a good website.

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