What is the choice of overseas virtual host or overseas server?

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At present, foreign exchange gold trading system is the most popular trading system is MT4 trading platform, MT4 for financial institutions for foreign exchange, Difference contract (CFD), futures market trading and professional design of online trading platform. Through the Internet for brokerage companies to provide a full range of services, including backstage support.

So far, more than 100 foreign exchange brokerage firms and banks from 30 countries around the world have chosen to MT4 software as a network trading platform. MT4 Comprehensive market charts, technical analysis, the next single transaction, three functions for a very good software! Anti-Nick has for Hong Kong, Hangzhou, a number of gold trading companies to provide server platform for the exchange of gold trading industry specifically tailored server solutions, to the Hong Kong and the United States and other countries and regions excellent bandwidth, select the server configuration, to provide customers with the whole solution.
Proposal: The use of 3-server joint erection, stable security; one for the gold trading host, a market server, a database server. Ensure your platform is safe and running quickly.

The number of small and medium-sized enterprises in China has tens of millions of, but the information construction is not ideal, the site has only not more than 2 million, tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises exist e-commerce needs, but there is no independent website. Now, more and more enterprises realize the importance of e-commerce through the establishment of Web sites want to do a game of the site, choose what server is better? Where is the most suitable server for gaming site? Fast and stable server rental without filing.

The game site is very many, but the game stationmaster all reflects the server speed is slow, the traffic is small, the support number on-line question. Website is done, the trouble is to choose what server.

Anti-Nick recommended to use the Korean server, South Korean servers belong to the overseas network, is a high hard to prevent foreign servers without the record, so very suitable for the use of grassroots webmaster. Anti-Nick's Korean server is mainly located in the South Korea kt Room, directly and the computer room operators, not through any middleman general situation under the payment within three working days after the server can be delivered to use, with convenient, trust communication and cooperation basis, to ensure the rapid customer service. If your customers are concentrated in Asia, Korean servers are one of your best choices.
Korean servers in mainland China market most from Chinese online gamers. South Korea's server advantage is that the Asian users open their site quickly, the line is very stable South Korea is the world's most broadband penetration of the country. Korean Server rental Room is located in Korea's best kt room. Room bandwidth adequate, to the domestic average speed of around 80ms (the east coast is about 30ms access speed).

Many domestic foreign trade enterprises in the construction of English-language websites, did not consider China's international export broadband restrictions and overseas customers to open domestic websites slow problem. If both Chinese and English sites are placed in the domestic server, although it is easy for foreign trade enterprises to manage their own web site, but ignored the experience of foreign customers to visit the site. So how do you keep your money-bought web site users and turn them into real customers?

The answer is to put English (or other language) Web site in foreign servers, foreign trade sites to choose the advantages of overseas virtual host?

A foreign user to visit fast,

Two foreign trade sites on foreign servers to help search engine natural rankings

Three foreign servers have better stability and larger capacity

Because now people know that the speed of a Web site is critical, if a few seconds after the site is still unable to open, the vast majority of people will choose to leave. Although in theory, the Internet is interconnected in the world, but the Web site hosting where the impact on the speed of the site is very large. Chinese netizens often feel that visiting domestic websites is very fast and browsing overseas websites is very slow, as well, the speed of visiting your website by overseas customers will be very slow, which will seriously affect the global promotion of your business. Investigate the reason,. According to the latest statistics of the Internet Information Center (CNNIC), China's export total bandwidth is only more than 80 g, and allocated to 7 different operators, do not share with each other, so allocated to a network of computers, export bandwidth is poor. At the same time, because China is considered the world's second largest source of spam, many overseas servers often take stringent protections against e-mails from China, so that many of the normal emails you send to overseas customers are not received.

The best way to solve this problem is to put the website, especially the English version, directly on the overseas server and choose the hosting site according to your main target customer base. Nick suggests that you can use the U.S. server, the United States with large bandwidth, the speed of the global access is very fast, which can greatly facilitate the browsing of customers in different regions.

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