Why the daily routine update, the ranking does not rise

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&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; Many times we do seo know 8630.html "> Sometimes you want to think of a Web site optimization, and this site motionless, remember clwzy.net is a typical example, when the group of our components to this station, see this station intuition told me this station died, Optimization does not come up, the necessary process is not done well, can not ask for good rankings.

That time to change the friend chain, every time choose very good to do this link, and then did so for 1 months, or no effect, because it has been a long time did not rank so we gave up, after a few days in the data to find the ranking incredibly is the third, and now still very stable.

That's the way you look at it sometimes. The website is motionless, in you regardless of it's time rankings and back, in fact, site updates for the new station is very important, often appear in this situation, many people like to update the opportunistic, think the original time consuming trouble, also appeared the article plagiarism, Update the purpose of the site if only for search engines, this will inevitably affect the site's user experience, users come to the site will inevitably increase the rate of the site, so that the search engine will also reduce the weight of the site.

In doing optimization when we update the article to be natural, so as to reduce the site to jump out, increase the readability of the content of the site, leaving the user with an unforgettable impression, but also let search engines more and more like your site, so as to get a good ranking.

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