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New webmaster are more impatient, often registered domain name rental space immediately after downloading the program upload installation add content, the so-called impatient to eat hot tofu, impatient do not good blog. People often say a word "do not lose at the starting line", this sentence is very reasonable, but this reason many people often in the later can really understand, have experienced stationmaster all know in the later stage to a website to worry about the changes will have much impact on the development of the website.

So in doing a site, the webmaster should be built before the site to do things ready to do, design a good schedule, thinking clearly, so that can facilitate the development of the site. The use of WordPress blog is a lot of things need to set optimization changes, if the vast hit ground immediately install the use of promotion, the results are difficult to achieve satisfactory, blog bar based on the use of WordPress blog experience, will use WordPress blog before the preparation work summarized as follows, There are many deficiencies, bloggers can learn from each other.

WordPress Blog Center: The first consideration before the BO. First think about the content of their blog positioning is what the purpose of the content, what is facing the crowd, so conducive to the update blog;

WordPress Blog Name: What is the best embodiment of blog content? The name of the blog. A blog name around the content of the blog can easily let visitors know what the blog is doing, the main content is which aspect, so that the blog to get accurate visitors group;

WordPress Blog Introduction: Although the blog can be a large program to reflect the central content of the blog, but its shortcomings, such as too few words, can not be described in detail. This time the introduction of the blog can help its hand, a good introduction can make visitors to the center of the blog at a glance, to attract the appropriate visitors groups, to get high-quality traffic;

WordPress blog keywords: want to blog keyword keyword is a very annoying thing, so carefully consider the selection;

WordPress Blog Categories: The right classification to make the content of the blog more tidy, visitors find more easily, if the classification of clutter, classification meaning repeat, the blog structure is also greatly discounted, not only visitors do not like, search engines may not like. So before building a Bo must think good blog content classification, and classification must be concise and understandable, a look can understand;

WordPress Fixed Link: Blog bar think this is very important. WordPress default article link is very bad, not conducive to optimization, so fixed link this step must be modified. How to modify, you can refer to some excellent blog site link format;

WordPress blog Plug-ins: Although the use of WordPress blog does not necessarily need to use plug-ins, but to do a good job, the blog will certainly use some plug-ins, such as the Sitemaps plug-in class. Before building a blog to the major WordPress tutorial website to understand the usefulness of various plug-ins, and recommend the use of WordPress blog plug-ins, and then choose;

WordPress Blog Theme: I believe very few people will directly use the WordPress blog's default theme. Do not think that the theme of choice is not important, in fact, the theme of the impact is larger, good theme can bring visitors a good impression, good theme can facilitate search engine optimization ... Blog to think that blog theme should be simple and neat for the gifted;

WordPress Blog Statistics: To add third-party statistics for the blog. Although there is no traffic at the beginning of the Bo, but even if it is an IP traffic to the blog's help is quite large, from this IP from the background can understand what the blog lack of content, blog which aspect content is popular, thus the right remedy;

WordPress Blog Update: A lot of SEO tutorials have said that the site's update law on the Search engine optimization has a great role. So in the blog update to have a certain update law, if updated today, and then one months after the continuous update for a few days, and then another one months do not update, I believe that search engine is difficult to fall in love with this blog, visitors have no patience on this blog;

WordPress Blog Promotion: Open a website to promote, do not promote the site no one knows, it is difficult to develop, which celebrity blog is not promoted? So to give their own blog to set a promotional plan, and put the plan into action, it is useless to say not to do;

WordPress blog writing: Few blog to ensure that each article is original, because everyone has writing bottle top, so before the build Bo should think well if you meet the bottle top blog How to update, article How to come, everything must leave a retreat is also this truth.

WordPress Content layout: This is about the user experience. Content how to segment, how to use bold, underline, good content structure can give users a clear understanding of ideas, organized to read and understand.

Reminder: Write the above content is not because the blog bar has been successful, the above is purely blog opinion theory, but blog every time with WordPress build station will be the above things to think clearly, want to understand, because so after the direction, not from the chaos.

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