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WordPress Blog System because of its own optimization of the limitations of SEO, so after the installation of WordPress can own blog SEO optimization processing, this article mainly from the WordPress single page SEO optimization start, Put your wordpress blog seo into a CMS system. Because the WordPress default template does not have a single page (single.php) to do optimization seo, we can in the WordPress single.php (Single page) plus "previous" and "the Next" Post links, through this SEO optimization method can improve the user experience of WordPress blog.

As long as in the WordPress single page (single.php) to add a few lines of code, you can optimize WordPress into a two post link to the blog system.

You can use several methods to implement the different styles of the link:

Style One:

Previous page: Chengdu http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/9102.html ">seoer mrmike and you to study search engine optimization after a page: Mrmike SEO Service for Chengdu Enterprise website

Link code:

<?php previous_post ();?> <?php next_post ();?>

Style Two:

««mrmike Search Engine Optimization seo Market Research | Search engine optimization in China SEO market development»»

Link code:

<?php previous_post (' ««% ', ", ' yes ');?> | <?php next_post ('%»» ', ", ' yes ');?>

Style Three:

««Previous page: for WordPress blog system SEO optimization skills after a page: WordPress Chinese title SEO plugin: Chinese to convert to Hanyu Pinyin»»

Link code:

<div class= "Navigation" >
<div class= "AlignLeft" >
<?php previous_post (' ««% ',
' Previous page: ', ' yes ';?>
<div class= "AlignRight" >
<?php next_post ('%»» ',
' next page: ', ' yes ';?>

This inside uses CSS, you can add your own code to your CSS file in accordance with your own needs. Above that is in the WordPress single page to add the top and bottom page link SEO optimization method, add the context of the link, the site users do not have to return to the column to continue to browse the article, This is conducive to upgrading the WordPress blog System user Experience, I hope this article is SEO optimization wordpress blog webmaster Friends help.

The site will be the introduction of other various optimization wordpress blog system seo skills, please pay attention.

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