WordPress built station into a hot spot careful improper theme harm the website

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With the continuous development of the media, more and more netizens began to go out of the traditional portal blog restrictions, through the independent blog to gain profits, if these netizens have a good number of fans, then the profit is undoubtedly very considerable, It is so now the simplest kind of independent blog building site program WordPress received a wide range of hot, can be conservatively estimated, now the internet such as WordPress Independent blog has more than million, and every day will also be hundreds of in growth.

As we all know, the advantage of using WordPress to build a station is that you can choose different themes to create personalized independent blog, but the current number of WordPress theme development is no doubt the number of Web site construction is fast, so on the internet will appear a large number of similar WordPress theme sites, And according to the Baidu optimization white paper shows that if the same theme of the site, will often be closely monitored by Baidu, often included will be overlooked, and even will drop the right even by K, so use WordPress construction site, do not start to let your independent blog encounter development Dilemma.

So how to better choose the right WordPress theme, so as to help their own independent blog sustainable growth? The specific can be carried out from the following three aspects.

First, the theme should have 17813.html "> customizable." This customization is primarily targeted at a number of topics on the web that can be charged, and these bodies can easily change a style by changing the CSS style sheet. Of course, if as the operator of the blog to build the station technology does not understand, that does not matter, just choose a theme can be customized WordPress theme site can be, but the premise must pay attention to these customizable themes may also be free to look for other topics on the web, so need to pay special attention to users. The key to distinguish this is its background program changes, that is, the need to change the background program to achieve, and in the design style for users also need to put forward some of their own opinions, so that can effectively approach the theme of the Internet repeatability.

Second, have a certain visual design effect. A theme of WordPress, not only to have important basic functions, to meet the needs of personalized design is undoubtedly very critical. Because a good design can not only highlight the personality of your theme blog, but also highlight the personality of the fans in your theme blog. In addition, because the theme blog is more content to win, if the text color and background color choice to make users feel uncomfortable, then this design effect is difficult to meet the needs of our choice. In addition, the layout of the site must be simple, clear, so that users can quickly locate the content required, so as to meet the needs of the user experience.

Third, to have a certain SEO optimization function. This requires the WordPress theme framework to be relatively simple, the code has been effectively optimized. In addition to the background of the site to increase the site picture, will be prompted to enter the Alt attribute, but also provide site map function, the site content in the increase, can combine keywords automatically expand the chain, at the same time on the site of the dead link has a certain search function, and also to provide 404 page features For some of the pages that do not need to be shown to Baidu, you can also provide nofollow attribute selection function, thereby enhancing the SEO optimization effect of WordPress theme.

In a word, a good WordPress theme can let your site show a unique personality, at the same time in the operation can also help you, so as prospective webmaster, do not be afraid of trouble, choose a suitable personalized WordPress theme is an important skill, must learn. This article is a wordpress theme http://www.520rr.com/feeds, a variety of theme modules, and provide personalized theme making, so that your independent blog quickly bloom Luster.

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