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I play WordPress has more than half a year, halfway have plug-ins and templates are many, today with you to share 10 classic WordPress plug-ins, SEO, security and speed are very helpful, At the same time, in view of WordPress not too familiar with the novice friend in the plug-in selection is very headache, because he is not like Zblog, backstage has a list of plug-ins, all Chinese instructions, at a glance, and WordPress plug-ins thousands, and basically English, so novice friends difficult to start, This article is to help the novice in the plug-in selection on the detours.

Generator Baidu Sitemap Map generator

The domestic WordPress player Liu Cheng's works, quite practical, the author for us to consider a lot, plug-in configuration interface There are a lot of parameters for us to choose, when the Post article automatically updates sitemap files. No manual updates are required. Generates two map files, one xml: Http://www.her123.com/sitemap_baidu.xml, one is HTML: http://www.her123.com/sitemap.html, HTML page Browsing article is also more intuitive. It has a good effect on search engine optimization.

Two, Google XML Sitemaps Google XML map

My site used two map generation Plug-ins, one is Baidu is Google, not conflict, each has its own benefits. Google XML Map generator, plug-in configuration is also more intuitive, custom convenience. Also has the automatic updating map function. The generated address is: Http://www.her123.com/sitemap.xml, which I used as the Sitemap address for Google Webmaster tools.

Third, No Self pings the plugin that avoids the internal page of the website to ping each other

This plugin solves the problem that the articles in the station refer to each other and leave Trackback records. You will need to use this no self ping plug-in, which can prevent this automatically generated comment function. No Self pings is very convenient to use, installation only upload it to the WordPress plugins directory, and then on the Admin page enabled, do not need more settings.

Four, Optimize DB in WordPress background optimization MySQL database

As MySQL is used, tables that include BLOBs and VARCHAR bytes will become cumbersome because these fields are different in length, they can occupy different sizes when inserting, updating, or deleting records, and the records will become fragmented and leave free space. Like a disk with fragmentation, it degrades performance, needs to be sorted, and therefore optimized. The plug-in installation is very simple, upload activation can, after activation, in the WordPress backstage > Tools => Optimize DB can optimize the MySQL datasheet

V. WordPress Database Backup Plugin

This plug-in can help us save time to back up data, before I have to back up the blog data need to log in to phpMyAdmin and then export backup data, often backup and trouble, not often back to worry about which day will encounter special circumstances, restore the backup is older. But now it's much more convenient to have WordPress Database backup help. WordPress database backup, which allows you to easily back up your WordPress databases, it can also back up the other tables in the database, such as your database installed in a number of WordPress or other programs, Can be backed up through WordPress database backup, wordpress database backup also supports regular backup, after the backup will automatically send to your mailbox. I use this plugin to back up the data two times a day, if you encounter any problems, restore the backup is also within 12 hours, as far as possible to minimize the loss.

Six, WordPress Related posts related log plug-ins

WordPress 2.3 version began to WordPress built-in TAG support, because the MySQL database used by the default does not support Chinese word segmentation, so in the Chinese case the best way to produce related logs is through the tag. The most basic function of WordPress Related Posts Plugin is to generate a related log list based on the relevance of the tag of the log, and to add the relevant log list to the Feed.

Vii. wp-thumbnails Thumbnail Plugin

A lot of people choose worpdress reason this is he to the image processing function is very good, this wp-thumbnails thumbnail plugin is so, can be in the homepage, article page, category page call various such as article thumbnail, the latest thumbnail, random thumbnail, thumbnail size can be arbitrary settings. Plug-in precision cropping, never distorted.

Viii. Coshtmlcache Static Plug-ins

Worpdress support pseudo Static, but if the amount of traffic is too large, the database will have to bear a large amount of traffic. At this time Coshtmlcache static plug-in on the field, it can be the first page and article page of the two most visited pages to generate static HTML files, greatly improve the speed of Web page loading, reduce database pressure.

Nine, nice Trailingslashit Web site Unified Plug-in

When we set pseudo static, often the article address will be set to suffix to. html type, in which case when we open the catalog or worpdress a separate page, we will find that there is no "/" behind the URL, and SEO is the recommended directory and the main domain name is added "/". This plugin will be able to help us when setting the article URL suffix to. html, add "/" behind the table of contents and independent pages to form a unified Web site format.

Ten, Wp-postviews article statistics plug-ins.

Many friends need to know how many times their articles have been browsed, this plugin will be able to count the number of article browsing, but there is a disadvantage, is that when we use Coshtmlcache, he will not work. For this issue, the domestic famous It blog Moonlight blog has given an improved version of the Wp-postviews, through JS to invoke the number of times the article statistics. If you want to go to the Moonlight blog to see.

People will ask, with so many plug-ins will not feel slow, in fact, many plug-ins to the foreground browsing has no effect. Like our Baidu Google Map generator, database compression backup, and so on, and if you installed the Coshtmlcache plug-in, in fact, when browsing the homepage and article page, access are static files, then speed only depends on the speed of your space. Article by the female market (http://www.her123.com/) original collation published, reproduced please indicate the source.

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