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The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys the Cloud host technology Hall

The first Xtox template design competition

Xtox Intelligent Building Station Template Contest--assembly number

Product Introduction:

Xtox Intelligent Building Station system is easy to think for many years, expensive to build the most advanced Enterprise Intelligent Building Station system, through the Xtox Intelligent Building Station system can not only build corporate web site, but also to build large-scale e-commerce sites, enterprises do not need to invest a lot of manpower, resources to invite specialized technical team to develop, Only need to easily dance the mouse can build their own desired site, only need to chat QQ will be at any time to maintain the site, update. Xtox service providers for small and medium-sized enterprises to build the information needed for all the network infrastructure and software, hardware operating platform, and responsible for all the implementation of the prophase, the maintenance of the latter a series of services, enterprises do not need to buy hardware and software, building rooms, recruiting IT staff, A one-time project implementation fee and a regular software leasing service fee are required. Before the traditional construction station, there are many deficiencies, to find network company technicians to design the site. Expensive, increase, reduce the problem of functional modules can only build a simple corporate web site, can not really achieve the needs of e-commerce sites. Xtox (www.xtox.cn) Intelligent Building Station system has a lot of advantages, high-level designers select thousands of styles according to the module monthly fee, you can add or subtract modules at any time. Not only can build enterprise website, but also can build a variety of e-commerce sites, will run the business site, automatically bring access to the SaaS model, security, stability, now use the omnipotent station to build their own stations only need hundreds of thousands of costs, but also contains a lot of traditional construction stations do not have value-added services.

Features and advantages

Feature one: SaaS service mode Xtox Intelligent Building Station using Advanced SaaS Service model, intelligent station platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to build a platform for all network infrastructure and software, hardware operating platform, technology development process, and responsible for the implementation of a comprehensive, later maintenance and a series of services, enterprises do not need to purchase domain names , space, software and hardware, building room, recruiting it technicians.

Characteristic two: Intelligent fool Build Station

Completely intelligent construction Station, only need to use the mouse to build a website, only needs to be on the QQ can carry on the website maintenance, the easy Realization tool operation Intellectualization, the page color matching intelligence, the page layout intelligence, the homepage manages intelligently, does not need to use any website tool software.

Feature three: Intelligent building station

The traditional Intelligent building station system can only build simple Enterprise website, and Xtox Intelligent Building Station system, the real realization of the building station intelligence, not only can build general display-type corporate web site, but also to establish a powerful marketing-oriented corporate web site, but also to build large-scale online mall system, BtoB trading platform, such as large web sites, Do not need technical staff to build their own platform for various websites.

Feature four: Build a Web site that runs the business

Through the establishment of Xtox intelligent site are fully considered the network marketing, the establishment of the site is a benefit-oriented site, is based on modern network marketing concept as the core to search engine good performance (that is, in line with search engine optimization rankings, SEO, SEM), the user good experience as the standard, Be able to better transform the visitor into a customer's corporate website.

A: Introduction to the contest

In the increasingly mature network technology today, blogs, forums, online stores, intelligent sites, such as Web site procedures more and more powerful, at the same time, the personalized demand for performance is increasingly strong. The rise of the template is a considerable breakthrough! Through design experts carefully designed and later some simple development, users can immediately realize the use of templates personalized, greatly improve the application of related products and market, but also to promote the template designer this industry to flourish. At present, many network technology providers, many program developers are sparing no effort to develop personalized templates, to meet the actual needs of different users. Changehope in the 3-year development process focused on e-business solutions, the development of template design is of paramount importance to E-commerce. At present, the domestic e-commerce business has infiltrated many industries, it is bound to form countless different types of front desk performance needs. In the XTOX1.3 version of the release, to thank you for the Changehope long separation of support. XTOX Official hereby held "arrest order--xtox Enterprise Template Design Grand Prix", for Xtox enthusiasts to provide a broader creative stage, look forward to the emergence of outstanding works!

Second: The purpose of the competition

For the vast number of designers and business enthusiasts to provide a broad creative platform, encourage friends to create more and better templates for Xtox (bbs.xtox.cn) users to provide more quality services.

Third: Tournament arrangement

From May 31, 2009 to August 15, 2009, the 2-season 2.5-month Grand Prix is held, each of which is ranked by 5 winners each season, creating a grand event for the template design industry!

Specific time schedule:

Contest time: May 31, 2009-July 10, 2009

Award settings:

First place: 1 digits 500 yuan

Second place: 2 digits 300 yuan

Third place: 3 digits 100 yuan

Access to the top 50 participants, you can get the Xtox Enterprise website standard Version set

Template Contest Official Address: http://bbs.xtox.cn/showtopic-104.aspx

The final interpretation of this contest is vested in the official Xtox. bbs.xtox.cn


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