Step 4 learn Ajax

CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: // Step 1: Create an XMLHTTPRequest object VaR http_request; Try { Http_request = Window. activexobject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP "); } Catch (E) { Try { Http_request = new XMLHttpRequest (); } Catch (E) {

Solve the problem that the hover panel in Ajax. Net flashes during page loading.

However, if the Panel contains more content, you will see it when loading the page. the content in the panel is first displayed and then disappears, less than a second. if you hide a panel, how can you display it when you click the button? Of course,

Solve the problem that the Ajax hover effect cannot mask flash

In modalpopupextender hover, to protect the background from being clicked, add the following style .. In ff and IE, the background except hover can be displayed as gray .. CopyCodeThe Code is as follows:. backgroundcss { Background-color: Gray;

A solution for Ajax garbled characters

I found some resources on the Internet to understand that this is the encoding problem, my server side sent the data is gb2312 encoding, and Ajax to receive the data are considered as UTF-8 encoding.Many solutions on the Internet are based on PHP,

Silverlight integrates ajax to achieve front-end and back-end Data Interaction

By accident, the company originally stressed the use of WCF for project approval. WPF/e enhanced the user experience. Due to my ignorance and laziness, I came up with a naive idea: using WPF/E for approval is not a two-pronged process. The following

Automatically fill in the Ajax server text box

This increases the burden on the server. He thought about it later. I want to use ajax to achieve this effect. Code As follows: Front-end code: Copy code The Code is as follows: other user information is automatically filled with the user

Ajax Excel-like table copy Function

send data select all A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 A10 A11 copy selected Delete select clear all submit operation method 1 keyboard operation 1. insert key adds

Javascript Ajax implementation code

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the current Ajax framework? Let's talk about it later: 1. Ajax. js CopyCode The Code is as follows :/* Ajax v1.4 Hjf 2009-7-5 */ Function ajaxdo (){ This. httprequest = NULL; This. openmethod =

10 articles on AJAX development code

1. Ensure security at the front and back ends. The front-end cannot be used alone for security verification. The backend must also have a filtering mechanism to check the information sent in front. Since Ajax will also receive information sent

Self-encapsulated Ajax

In the past, many Ajax technologies such as Ext, prototype, and jquery were used, but they are all open-source and encapsulated Ajax frameworks. I have never used pure Ajax, So I encapsulated an Ajax framework by referring to the prototyp

AJAX-based XML loading and parsing scripts using JQuery

1, Content-Type In many cases, the Content-Type issue cannot be resolved. Skip this step if it is an xml file. The dynamically generated XML must be set to text/xml. Otherwise, text/html is the common text by default. Set Content-Type in common

Ajax timeout check script

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:

Ajax objects include post and get asynchronous transmission methods.

Copy codeThe Code is as follows :/** * @ Author Supersha * @ QQ: 770104121. */ Ajax Document Note:The Ajax object accepts an object literal as a parameter, which contains the method, url, success, params, and fail parameters.Method: "GET"

Ajax asynchronous (request) Submission class supports cross-Origin


Copy codeThe Code is as follows :/**//* Asynchronous request class Author: I do not careCreation Time: 2009.2Else

Several solutions to the problem of ajax session expiration

Improper handling may affect user experience and cause inexplicable problems. The following solutions are provided based on your own ideas and online reference. Each solution has different advantages and disadvantages. Welcome Let's make corrections.

Javascript automatically completes AutoComplete (Ajax query)

I. JS part Copy codeThe Code is as follows: //************************************** ****************** // Creation date: // OPERATOR: oloen // Content Description: Automatically complete the JS class // Usage: // Var auto = new autoComplete (Client

Summary of js cross-origin and ajax cross-origin problems

If Javascript is to be cross-origin, you can use: you can read data from other websites. The key is to see if your spirit is not flexible and you will use it. To cross-origin ajax, you can use the server to retrieve content from other websites,

Five data records are randomly read from the ajax database and dynamically refreshed on the page.

You cannot use Top in the database. You can use this method later... This method summarizes and writes a page. If you are interested, you can study together .... Front-end code: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: randomly generated ajax data

JavaScript encapsulates the data code passed by Ajax

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: var paramBeanList = new Array (); Array. prototype. addParamBean = function (paramBeanObj ){ Var index = this. containParamBean (paramBeanObj ); If (index! =-1 ){ This [index] = paramBeanObj; } Else { This. push

Ajax request response garbled Solution

This feature has been in trial for a week, and there is no problem. The strange thing is that today there is a problem ?? Copy codeThe Code is as follows: AjaxRequestObj. createEqStatusParameter = function (){ If (eqStatusArray. length Return; } Var

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