Ajax asynchronous data acquisition implementation code (JS creates Ajax objects)

CopyCode The Code is as follows:

Code for implementing the Ajax + JSON cascading menu

The first drop-down box: CopyCode The Code is as follows: // The value in the first drop-down box The second drop-down box:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: // you can specify the corresponding time for the three or more menus. -- select Level 2

$. Get () method and $. Post () method of jquery Ajax

Note:The $. Get () and $. Post () methods are global functions in jquery. The load () method mentioned above is used to operate jquery objects. 1. $. Get () method The $. Get () method uses the get Method for asynchronous requests. Its syntax

You can discuss the Ajax call background method.

I have used three methods: 1. Add a hidden button to the page, define the event, and execute $ ("# Hide btnid"). Click () of js to execute the background method. 2. Use ajaxpro for execution 3. Use the URL of Ajax: page address/(static) method

Solution to the Problem of jquery. Ajax freezing in IE

Step 1 to solve the IE encoding problem: Datatype :( $. browser. MSIE )? "Text": "XML" first, let ie identify whether text or XML is returned. Step 2: CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: function parsexml (XML) {// XML ie encoding Step 2 If (jquery.

Jquery Ajax load () method

The load () method is the simplest and most commonly used Ajax method in jquery. It can load remote htmlCodeAnd insert it to the Dom. Its syntax structure is: Load (URL [, data] [, callback]) The parameters of the load () method are described in

Five Ajax File Upload controls

1. fancyupload (Demo address) Fancyupload is a multi-File Upload Component that uses flash and Ajax (mootools) technology to upload progress bars, similar to swfupload.2. swfuploadpanel (Demo address) Swfuploadpanel is a multi-File Upload

JS get DOM object Ajax operation read/write cookie Function

CopyCode The Code is as follows: var lf = {}; Lf. Version = '1. 0.0 '; // Global functions Function $ (objname ){ Return document. getelementbyid (objname ); } Function $ name (objname ){ Return document. getelementsbyname (objname ); } Function $

Code for implementing the Ajax level-2 cascade menu

Client Code : Copy code The Code is as follows: untitled document Year: select 1996-2006 1986-1995 1971-1985 1970 or earlier Subdirectory: select server code: copy Code the code is as follows: header

Implementation Code for Ajax user uniqueness Verification

Verify from the username User table in database my: Checkusername.html: CopyCode The Code is as follows: untitled document Name: Check_it.php:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: $ Username = $ _ post ["username"];$ Conn =

Implementation of jquery + Ajax User Logon

OK. paste a few images first. The general process is that the user clicks the logon link in the upper-right corner of the page and then the DIV simulation window pops up. This window calls the login. ASPX page through IFRAME, and the user

Ajax synchronous and asynchronous XMLHTTP code analysis

In web script programming, the asynchronous mode should be used in most cases; the synchronous mode will suspend the current script engine, so when you use the synchronous mode, you should understand what you want. In C ++ development, the

Two Methods for submitting form data using jquery Ajax

Previously, Ajax was implemented one by one using JavaScript scripts, Which is cumbersome. After learning jquery, I feel that it is not that difficult to implement Ajax. Of course, in addition to the jquery framework, there are other excellent

Jquery cannot use $. ajax solution in IE7

Find by checking the source code Copy codeThe Code is as follows: // Create the request object; Microsoft failed to properly // Implement the XMLHttpRequest in IE7, so we use the ActiveXObject when it is available // This function can be overriden

Jquery ajax checks whether the user name exists during user registration

Start with a New Year's page. It is currently called grade.htm. This file requires the introduction of two files: jquery. js (jquery framework file) and grade. js (verified individual files ). The following input is used to enter the username. id = "

AJAX instance code based on JQuery framework

Index.html Copy codeThe Code is as follows: jQuery Ajax instance demonstration input name: enter the password: ajax submit post submission get submit Login. phpCopy codeThe Code is as follows: Echo json_encode (array

Use jQuery to simplify Ajax Development

Learn the basic principles of jQuery, explore its features and functions, execute some common Ajax tasks, and learn how to use plug-ins to expand jQuery. What is jQuery? JQuery was created by John Resig in early 2006. It is a very useful JavaScript

How to Use the Jquery AJAX framework

At the beginning, I learned JQuqery, and many $ get (),... and so on have already fainted me. Give up now.Later, I learned about ASP. net ajax. Under the leadership of Microsoft, I gradually switched from the server to the client programming.

Jquery framework tutorial AJAX

After testing AJAX, it seems more concise than prototype. In JQuery, AJAX has three implementation methods: $. ajax (), $. post, $. get (). XHTML (main ): input name: input age: input Gender: input job: submit POST

Comparison Between Common JQuery and Ajax code

Traditional ajax Code Copy codeThe Code is as follows: JQuery MethodCodeCopy codeThe Code is as follows: Get and postCodeCopy codeThe Code is as follows: get vs. POST enter name and birthday Control ajaxCodeCopy codeThe Code is as follows: $.

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