Pay attention to JSON returned by Ajax operations in JS!

CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: var result = Unescape (XMLHTTP. responsetext ); VaR J = eval ("(" + Result + ")"); VaR J = eval (result ); JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a simple data format, which is lighter than XML. JSON is a javascript

Ajax problems in jquery 1.4

When $. Ajax () is used, I set the timeout time to 3 seconds: CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: $. Ajax ({ URL: "ajaxtable1.aspx ", Cache: false, Error: function (XMLHttpRequest, textstatus, errorthrown ){ // }, Success: function (HTML ){ // }

Top 10 best Ajax tutorials

Because of its flexibility, beauty, and fast response time, Ajax has become increasingly popular in many development fields. The author recommends the top 10 best Ajax tutorials. The full text is as follows: I admit that Ajax has a learning

An Ajax code

Basic usage: CopyCode The Code is as follows: var Ajax = new ajaxobj (URL ); Ajax. addlistener (200, function (r ){ Alert (R ); }); Ajax. Send (); It can also be called consecutively: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: var Ajax = new ajaxobj (URL).

Javascript Ajax Functions

CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: // Ajax Test VaR XMLHTTP; Function createxmlhttprequest (){ If (window. activexobject ){ XMLHTTP = new activexobject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP "); } Else if (window. XMLHttpRequest ){ XMLHTTP = new XMLHttpRequest ();

Use jquery ajax to obtain the website Alexa ranking code

CopyCodeThe Code is as follows:

Code for implementing the Ajax level-2 cascade menu

Client Code : Copy code The Code is as follows: untitled document Year: select 1996-2006 1986-1995 1971-1985 1970 or earlier Subdirectory: select server code: copy Code the code is as follows: header

Jquery Ajax obtains the region name of the IP address from pure net ( ).

CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: jquery demo Save the token, for example, get.htm.

Ajax synchronous and asynchronous XMLHTTP code analysis

In web script programming, the asynchronous mode should be used in most cases; the synchronous mode will suspend the current script engine, so when you use the synchronous mode, you should understand what you want. In C ++ development, the

Return JavaScript scripts in HTML snippets using Ajax

This is a common problem in Ajax development. If you haven't been using JavaScript frameworks for development, I believe you have long known this problem. This article analyzes two solutions, one of which is to explain the implementation of the

Code for retrieving values by hovering the cursor using Ajax

Client Code Mouseover. php Copy code The Code is as follows: mouse suspension test server code: mouseover_check.php copy Code the code is as follows: header ("Content-Type: text/html; charset = gb2312"); header

Analysis of Ajax onreadystatechange support in Firefox

I. Problems: CopyCode The Code is as follows: var XMLHTTP; Function savecarttodata (){ Createxmlhttprequest (); VaR rndcode = new date (). gettime (); VaR carturl = "A. asp? Cache = "+ rndcode XMLHTTP. onreadystatechange = function (){ .....

Code for sensitive word review before submitting an article through Ajax

Therefore, a Boolean value passed by Ajax is returned during submission. In fact, the get2 () function passed by Ajax is a subfunction of chkfull (BT) and cannot be passed to external functions. Alert () does not work either. Therefore, the "Submit"

How to Use ajax to encode special Ajax characters in gb2312

Many of them may be distorted or unverified during the transfer process, but they cannot be used in real time. Therefore, they decided to perform a comprehensive test on their own, and the effort was not in vain, although the final result is very

The code is gb2312. The website displays the data received by Ajax in Chinese.

CopyCode The Code is as follows: below is the full text of this article : XMLHttpRequest transfers data with a UTF-8 by default. When the returned data from the server is UTF-8 encoding, it works very well (developing Web applications, when the

Jquery Ajax callback function this points to the problem

For example, if you call an object with this in the global scope, the current object's "this" points to window. Javascript provides two methods to change the direction of this. They are call and apply, and of course there are methods implemented

Ajax feedback display similar to GMAIL

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: new document (set by default) display position: disappear time in the upper left corner: do not disappear Onclick = "feedBackMessage ('message prompt Test 1... '); return false"Href = "#">

Ajax cache problem requestheader

This is to reduce the unnecessary burden caused by frequent access to the server, but it also brings some problems that the special business logic cannot meet. For example: You need to use a select drop-down list at the front end as the ajax trigger

Cross-origin and JSONP of AJAX (the function of automatically adding a short address to an article)

What Is AJAX cross-origin request? For the sake of security, if you want to request the content of another website www. B .com via Ajax from, the browser does not allow you to do this (I do not understand what security here refers? Think

Javascript and Ajax Chinese garbled vomiting Solution

Today, I encountered a Chinese Ajax garbled problem in one day. There are two types of Ajax garbled issues: 1. Chinese characters output by JavaScript are garbled, For example: alert ("Chinese Garbled text test "); The solution is relatively

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