What Is Ajax?

I am very happy to have you read the examples of Ajax that I have written. Whether you are your first friend or an old friend, I will show you what I have learned so far, What Is Ajax? Important: Ajax is not a language, but a combination of

Jquery1.4 + Ajax IE8 Memory leakage

Jquery1.3.2 and jquery1.4 + do not exist. Through comparison, we finally find a difference between the two versions. Jquery1.4 + added a section in the Ajax Method CodeUsed to call the onreadystatechange method in abort. Copy codeThe Code is as

Processing Summary After jquery Ajax obtains data (HTML, XML, JSON)

1. HTML processing is relatively simple and can be output directly. Generally, you can use $ ("jb51div"). innerhtml, etc. 2. JSON format data callingCopyCodeThe Code is as follows: $. Ajax ({URL: "/trundle/rawcontentaction. getajaxcontent. Act "

Simulation code of jquery implementation principle-5 Ajax

CopyCode The Code is as follows: // create an xhr object VaR xhr; If (window. XMLHttpRequest ){ Xhr = new XMLHttpRequest (); } Else if (window. activexobject ){ Xhr = new activexobject ("msxml2.xmlhttp "); } Else { Throw new error ("Ajax is not

Implementation Code for reading data from tables through Ajax

At the same time, I will also show how to use JavaScript scripts and Dom interfaces to create a table for the webpage and display the Ajax request data to the table. In the result of this Ajax instance, the requested server webpage is still:

Solutions to the Javascript contained in pages loaded using Ajax

1. [Use IFRAME] Add an IFRAME to the page to be loaded, as shown below: CopyCode The Code is as follows: Add the function you want to call in onload. If the loaded page is in the pop-up layer, this function should be placed on the parent

Use jquery to easily implement Ajax instance code

After the ASP. net mvc framework is generated, the jquery script is included. For environment settings, see my other article. Article : ASP. net mvc instance. Here, we still use the environment in the instance. You can see the jquery script in the

Start of front-end development-object-oriented Ajax class

First look at the call method: CopyCode The Code is as follows: Ajax. Request ("ajax.html", {v: Math. Random (), num: 1}, function (data ){ // Do something }, 'Get '); The method is like jquery... I still think this call is more convenient...

Implementation Code for Ajax to read data by PAGE

I think it is necessary to present my ajax pages to everyone. let me first talk about the implementation core of ajax paging, and then let's look at the instance effect. the so-called ajax paging is basically the same as the traditional data paging

Code for adding and deleting data using Ajax

If you have mastered the previous articles. ajax deletion is easy to implement. what I want to teach you is. use JavaScript and Dom flexibly to achieve a cool Delete effect. you actually learned this. it is clear that in ajax technology, the

Real-time display of Ajax data modification implementation code

The server webpage we are requesting this time is: Edit_Data.Asp. I will provide the source code of this asp file in this ajax tutorial. In fact, it is easy for you to modify data when you learn how to use ajax to add data! Let's talk about the

Ajax add real-time data display information

What we want to learn today is: Use ajax to add data to the database on the server, and then instantly display the added data without refreshing the webpage. it must be noted that. this ajax instance tutorial differs from the first three. 1: We want

Implementation Code of Ajax reading data

Yes, what we want to achieve today is to read and Display Server data without refreshing the webpage. Take out what we prepared last time. 1: function of the XMLHTTPRequest object. 2: Asp outputs an xml file. You can click to view the File

Getting started with Ajax

I will introduce the original ajax series tutorials in the Web circle. If you do not know what ajax is, please read: What Is ajax? Before that, we need to make some simple ajax preparations, but you must have basic html, javascript, and dom

Description of the role of Dom in ajax technology

Today, let's talk about the role of Dom in ajax technology. When you use ajax to send a request to the server and return the data to the client, how do you display the returned data to the webpage? You can use Dom to add the content you want to

Ajax and some garbled issues

Create an xmlhttprequest object. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: return window. ActiveXObject? New window. ActiveXObject ('Microsoft. xmlhttp'): new XMLHttpRequest; The next object is an onreadystatechange event. There are two attributes:

How to read data in Ajax

Take out what we prepared last time. 1: XMLHTTPRequest object function. 2: Asp outputs an xml file. You can click to view the file content: Asp outputs xml format data After opening it, you will find that we use Asp technology to dynamically output

Summary of differences between request methods and synchronous Asynchronization under AJAX

Request methods, including GET and POST: GET The most common HTTP request is GET. The GET request directly follows the URL and starts with a question mark. (Window. location. search is used in JS ). The parameters can be encoded using

Ajax perfectly solves the onchange problem in the drop-down box

That is, when the onchange event in the regional drop-down box is triggered, the options of the agent drop-down box are changed accordingly. For example, if you select Hunan> Changsha, the agent drop-down box only displays the agent in Changsha. I

JQuery + ajax implementation.

Demo page implementation Copy codeThe Code is as follows: This document is good. 70% (7000) documents to be improved 30% (3000) The main point is to control the g_img width by percentage. css code will not be pasted

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