Ajax request differentiation $ _ server [''http _ x_requested_with ''] Small Solution

Many templates Code We all think that PHP has such a custom variable: $ _ server ['HTTP _ x_requested_with ']. In fact, this is not the case at all. $ _ Server is an array containing header information, path, and script locations. Some header

Solution to passing Chinese parameters through jquery. Ajax

I recently encountered the problem of passing Chinese parameters. Search online, copy, paste, and publish the "ultimate" solution "is nothing more than escape (STR) for transcoding, and then write a method on the server to edit it again, or use

10 newly released jquery plug-ins (Ajax plug-ins, slides, image galleries, menus, etc)

1. Chrome style jquery image gallery A jquery plug-in for implementing beautiful chrome image galleries for Online demonstration 2. Awkward Showcase This plug-in can be used to display slides of various content, such as text, images, videos,

Implementation Code for verifying the existence of user names based on AJAX implemented by jquery

Instance: 1. Request Ajax. aspx Html Code Copy code The Code is as follows: div> Div> JS Code copy Code the code is as follows: 2. Page ajaxuserinfomodify. aspxBackground codeCopy codeThe Code is as follows: protected void page_load (

Differences between ajax synchronous requests and asynchronous requests

The differences between ajax synchronization and Asynchronization are as follows: Code 1: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Synchronize = function (url, param ){ Function createXhrObject (){ Var http; Var activeX = ["MSXML2.XMLHTTP. 3.0",

Ajax post method example (with loop)

The use of loops aims to properly process the data before it is sent, and solve the timeout phenomenon when the script language processes the data in another way. I am not very familiar with ajax. If you are not right or in place, please advise.

Perform a cross-origin ajax request test using $. getJSON of jquery.

(I am afraid that I will forget to use it later, so I don't have much explanation. If I really don't understand it, follow my code to give it a try) I use php at the backend. One of the main functions of the following code is to provide an interface

Full parsing of jQuery Ajax instances

Let's talk nonsense and go straight to the question. Let's take a look at some simple methods, all of which are for jQuery. ajax () is encapsulated to facilitate our use of the method. Of course, if you want to process complicated logic, you still

Jquery announcement rolling + AJAX background to get data

Aspx Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Border = "0"> announcement: Background Util/MainUtil. aspx. cs outputs the corresponding HTML data Using System; Using System. Collections; Using System.

When using the Get method of Jquery Ajax, pay attention to the URL.

Tip: We should always pay attention to browser cache. When using the GET method, we should add the timestamp parameter (net Date ()). getTime () to ensure that the URLs sent each time are different, so that browser cache is avoided. Tip: when a

Simple Analysis of Ajax data requests

For example: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: function xmlHttpR (){ Var xmlhttp; If (window. XMLHttpRequest ){ Xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest (); } Else { Try {xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject ("Msxml2.XMLHTTP ")} Catch (e ){ Try {xmlhttp = new

Jquery reading page load get post ajax four methods of code writing

Load Copy codeThe Code is as follows: $ ("# result"). load ("aaaa. asp # ccc "); GetCopy codeThe Code is as follows: $. get ("aaaa. asp", {action: "get", name: "lulu "},Function (data, textStatus ){$ ("# Result" pai.html (data );// Alert (this );//

Code used to simulate the communication between the jQuery ajax server and the client

Functions: If the user name is blank, the system prompts "the user name cannot be blank" If the user name prompts "user name [xxxxxx] already exists, use another user name, 4" If the user name does not exist, the message "user name [xxxxxx] does not

Recommended solutions for passing Chinese parameters through JQuery. ajax

I recently encountered the problem of passing Chinese parameters. Search online, copy, paste, and publish the "ultimate" solution "is nothing more than escape (str) for transcoding, and then write a method on the server to edit it again, or use

Code for Ajax cross-origin proxy access to network resources

Smart. asp Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Code:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Response. charset = "UTF-8"Dim url, method, data, charsetUrl = Request. Form ("targeturl ")Method = Request. Form ("method ")Data = Request. Form ("data ")Charset =

Jquery and jq become invalid after ajax updates

Bind a click event to the element, but one problem is that the click event becomes invalid when I execute some ajax requests. For example, my page is an ajax request, but when I click the next page, the generated Element a has no click event.

How to Use ajax to call json data in jquery

$. Get () and $. post () methods are basically the same, so only $. post () is used! Scenario 1: $. post ("url", function); The returned data is not processed, so it is not in json format! Scenario 2: $. post ("url", function, "json"); although

Some source code of Easy. Ajax supports file upload and is compatible with all mainstream browsers.

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Easy. Ajax = { ProxyPool :{ Length: function (){ Var I = 0; For (var p in this) I ++; Return I-1; } }, Index: 0, Async: true, XmlData: false, Timeout: 1, DefaultHeader: 'application/json; charset = UTF-8 ', Revoke

AJAX web pages retain the browser's forward and backward Functions

Some pages that are frequently used by AJAX are sometimes not dare to be refreshed, because after refreshing, you may see a very different page from the original one. I will not discuss whether to use AJAX in the case of a large number of page

Ajax problem summary

Basic =================================================== ====== 1. the most classic problem is the cache problem in ie. If get is used, a cache problem occurs in ie. The code is executed only once. The solution is to add a timestamp or random

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