Jquery formValidator plug-in ajax verification content is not modified before leaving the bug prompt solution

The query formValidator plug-in is very useful, but there is a serious Bug. When ajax verification is used, if the content of the input box already exists, place the cursor in the input box and leave without any modification, an error will be

Ajax verification issues in the formvalidator verification plug-in

Jquery formvalidator plug-in is a good domestic validation plug-in, it is very convenient to do some common verification, but recently encountered a problem that if the form is submitted by AJAX, you cannot follow the traditional practice, for

Frontend js changes the Session value (Implemented Using ajax)

First, the html code: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Js Code:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: var compareContent = "the value you want to change ";If (compareContent! = ""){Document. getElementById ("compareIframe"). src =

Js/ajax cross-access-Principles and Examples of jsonp (javascript and jquery implementation code)

Fortunately, I saw the rising sun after the last day, so I was able to write articles here to get down to the truth. I recently made a project, we need to use a subdomain name to call an existing function under the primary domain name, so we thought

The ajax page is not refreshed. The Ajax cache causes the data not to be updated.

When I did not refresh the ajax page, I encountered Ajax cache in IE, because I didn't know this bad problem at the beginning. I had to wait for a long time and finally solved the problem. Summary Solution:When Ajax is used in IE to request a

How to solve the hidden problem of ajax hide

I have two tables on my page. After ajax is called, I hide one and then use html to spell out another table. As a result, the new table has an undefined at the top. How is this caused, how can this problem be solved? The Code is as follows: Copy

Parameters submitted during ajax upload are not updated.

Previously, I downloaded a jQuery Ajax upload plug-in from the Internet. The upload category is on the left side of the webpage. The following is a function to be implemented: I originally intended to create different folders on the server to save

Ajax executes the error callback instead of executing the success callback.

The attached code is as follows:JScript code: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: $. ajax ({ Type: "post ", Url: "jsp/loginManager. jsp ", Data: "name =" + $ ('# rname '). attr ('value') + "& pwd =" + $ ('# pwd '). attr ('value '), DataType: "text

How to obtain the implementation code of the JSON result set returned by JQUERY AJAX

The Code is as follows: I wrote a method to query the results. However, I found that the result set contains data during the debug process. How can I obtain the data through variables? JScript code Copy codeThe Code is as follows: function

Analysis of Ajax execution sequence flow and callback Problems

A global variable var JsonData; Here is an Ajax processing method: JScript code: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: function GetJson (DataSourceName ){ $. Ajax ({ Type: "post ", Url: "Ajax/AjaxData. ashx? MethodName = "+ CENAME, ContentType:

How to Use ajax to create an XMLHttpRequest object

Every time I create an object, is it so complicated? The following code: JScript code: "TestAjax.htm" file: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: User: Time: First, declare an xmlHttp variable that saves the XMLHttpRequest object.Then use

How to Implement AJAX without relying on backend Interfaces

What is the problem? There are more and more ajax requests on the web page, or applications have been using ajax to exchange data with the backend since the beginning. (Currently, I am involved in this project.) It is a headache to debug the

Ajax asynchronous refresh implements database update

The previous article is about the interface. Next I will write about how to write the data into the database without refreshing. When we change a certain score of a person or a certain number of people, we do not need to write data into the

In-depth analysis of jquery ajax request instances

Jquery encapsulates some ajax request methods, which are very practical. For example. ajaxComplete () -- when the request is complete. ajaxError () -- when the request fails. ajaxSend () -- append a function to execute the Ajax request. ajaxStart ()

Add ajax get to artDialog 5.02

I have used artDialog 5.0 before and admire the originality and professionalism of the author. Now the features of the new version are becoming more convenient for lightweight JavaScript. I still like artDialog before. open function, direct and

How to solve Chinese garbled characters passed by jquery's ajax () function

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: $. ajax ({ DataType: 'json', type: 'post', url: 'http: // localhost/test. do ', data: {id: 1, type: 'item'}, success: function (data ){}}); Problem: When the background action program is submitted, the type obtained

Cainiao Cai's Ajax review article 3 (no need to log on with Ajax)

Well, let's just look at the previous example. first create a login.html page to fill in the login information, and then create a DealData. aspx page (of course, it is best to use a general handler here :*. ashx) used to process data. The Code on

Cainiao Cai's Ajax review article 2 (Ajax function implemented by the load () method in JQuery)

In the previous blog, I wrote that the XMLHttpRequest object is used in traditional Javascript to load data asynchronously. Alas, it's a headache to see the code! Haha ...... not only are you, but I am a little disgusted, not only need to judge the

JQuery submits form ajax to query instance code

Let's look at an example of submitting an ajax query using jQuery. Basic Function: enter a form, admission ticket and verification code, verify whether the form is entered, click query and submit, and then obtain and display the returned data from

Differences between button and submit in jQuery ajax

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: There should be no problem in writing the post method of jQuery ajax in this way. Click the submit button, sendPwd. php receives the passed value through $ _ POST, and then echo a piece of data. However, the

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