How does the node. js chat program implement the Ajax long-polling long-link refresh mode?

Let's talk about the theme today. Looking at this program, I feel that its most valuable part is to demonstrate how to use nodejs to implement the Refresh Technology of the persistent connection mode. (This program is not described in detail and

10 useful Ajax plug-ins

1. AJAX-ZOOM A very powerful plug-in that allows you to zoom in and out with the scroll wheel of the mouse, rotate at 360 °, browse in full screen, and perform online demonstrations. 2. VerticalSlider A good way to display the long list,

In those years, I was still learning Ajax study notes.

In layman's terms, Ajax is a kind of Web Page-free technology to improve user experience. Ajax is not a new technology, but it is only popular in those years, brother knows only chat qq), so it is highly regarded; of course, those years began to

JQuery AJAX: Call the page background method and web Service definition method sharing

1. Create a demo. aspx page. 2. Add references to the background file demos. aspx. cs on the page. Using System. Web. Services;3. method call without parameters. You must note that this version cannot be lower than. net framework 2.0. 2.0 is not

Ajax communication principle XMLHttpRequest

Obviously, AJax is a technology that uses JavaScript scripts to access data. AJAX enables asynchronous update of web pages. This means that the webpage is partially updated without reloading the entire webpage. XMLHttpRequest is the key to AJAX

Share the AjaxPro or Ajax Implementation Mechanism

First, declare the following: 1. If I feel very elementary, I will install 13. Don't "spray" me! 2. If there are any mistakes, I hope you can correct them and consult them modestly; 3. This is just a saying of the family. I have experience and have

Common Ajax template implementation code

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:

Ajax real-time verification of user name/mailbox and other existing code Packaging

Today, we will share an example of "using Ajax technology to check whether a user name exists. The principle flowchart of using Ajax technology to check whether a user name exists: Final result: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Ajax detection

Perfect compatibility code for creating XMLHttp objects using Ajax

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: function creatajax (){ Var ajax = null; If (window. XMLHttpRequest ){ // Create an XMLHttpRequest object for Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, and other browsers Ajax = new XMLHttpRequest (); If (ajax. overrideMimeType

See the figure to understand the differences between common interaction methods and Ajax interaction methods.

Methods In Ajax engine objects: Abort () stops the current request GetAllResponseHeaders () returns the complete headers as a string. GetResponseHeader ("headerLabel") returns a single header label as a string Open ("method", "URL" [, asyncFlag [

Useful AJAX code sharing

Ajax. js ------------------------- [Ajax class] -------------------------- Copy codeThe Code is as follows: function Ajax (recvType ){ Var aj = new Object (); Aj. recvType = recvType? RecvType. toUpperCase (): 'html'; // file type passed to the

Use ajax in jquery to obtain remote page information

As follows: Paste the front-end code first: the key code is to bind the Id through the data (custom attribute) marked by span. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: DataKeyNames = "Id" onrowdeleting = "GvCollect_RowDeleting" EnableModelValidation = "True"

JQuery template plugin jquery. tmpl dynamic ajax Extension

This plug-in was introduced in the previous JQuery template plug-in-jquery. tmpl. Sometimes we need to use dynamic ajax to load templates or data, and load different templates and Data Based on url parameters or other information. I have this

Use PHPRPC to implement Ajax secure login page 1/2

Unlike other ajax frameworks, PHPRPC follows the principle of "only do one thing and do it well. It is only responsible for data transmission, and will be the best transmission! It makes it easy for you to do things that were previously impossible

Code for efficient paging Based on Jquery + Ajax + Json

If you have never used these things, I believe this blog post will be helpful to you. If you have any questions or have bugs, feel free to contact me, At the same time, you are also welcome to give more advice. I do not recommend that you grow up in

Simple front-end js + ajax shopping cart framework (Getting Started)

Today, I have nothing to do in the company. I suddenly thought of writing the front-end framework of the shopping cart of the mall. Of course, I only have to add, delete, modify, and query the shopping cart here. Maybe it is not so complete, but the

Solution to jquery ajax return with no return value

Let's take a look at a simple piece of JavaScript code returned by jquery ajax. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: function getReturnAjax { $. Ajax ({ Type: "POST ", Url: "ajax/userexist. aspx ", Data: "username =" + vusername. value, Success:

$. Ajax async Based on jquery

(Default: true) by default, all requests are asynchronous requests. To send a synchronization request, set this option to false. Note: The synchronous request locks the browser. Other operations can be performed only after the request is completed.

Ajax study notes in jquery 4

Cache problems: What is cache problems? That is, when the input content of the browser is the same, that is, the requested URL is the same, the browser will read the cache, and the content of the two requests will not interact with the

Methods to prevent repeated ajax requests (GET and POST)

Copy codeThe Code is as follows :/* GET and POST methods that prevent repeated ajax requests */ JQuery. extend ({ Getx: function (url, data, callback, sender ){ Var params = {url: url, data: null, callback: null, sender: null }; For (var I = 1; I If

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