Use ajax to call background code in Javascript

1. First add support in Web. config Or 2. Download Ajax. dll or ajaxpro. dll. 3. register classes with Ajax methods in the page class initial loading For example, Ajax. Utility. registertypeforajax (typeof (ajaxclass); //

Is Ajax asynchronous?

After looking at Ajax, it looks a little excited indeed. It is a responsive web UI, partial refresh rather than overall refresh ...... But after reading it, I thought about it. Is this really what I need? Although Asynchronization can make the UI

Understanding Ajax, Part 1: Using XML in requests and responses

Ajax client/server communication can be tricky Document options

Master Ajax, Part 1: server-side JSON

Use JSON for response and response in server scripts and programs Document options

XMLHttpRequest Ajax simple and elegant JS + Ajax code

First, create an xmlhttprequestxmlhttprequest Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)>Function createrequest () { Try { Request = new XMLHttpRequest (); } Catch

Ajax error: inexplicably invalid attempt status/fill is invalid and cannot be removed

Document directory   Ajax error: Inexplicable invalid attempt statusProblem description: Event code: 3005Event message: An unhandled exception occurs.Event Time: 2009-7-11 10:43:04Event Time (UTC): 2009-7-11 2:43:04Event ID: 794295d63c9649c990429

Ajax User Detection

The user experience brought about by Ajax is obvious to all. With the smallest application, let's try to implement it. Still use the hotheart ajaxrequest class. Start with ASP Ajax in another article. The implementation result is as follows:   Let's

Thinkphp2.1 template use notes-template nesting/ajax Cascade

Recently, PHP has been used in projects, but it is not very familiar with framework development. It is well known in the process and recorded for future reference.   Label library select label usage Selected = "prodcateid" first = "select

Jquery user manual 7-ajax support by CHOY

VII. : Ajax support Common method: $. Ajax (PROP) goes back to remote data through an Ajax request. Prop is a hash table that can transmit the following key/value types:. (String) type: Data Transmission Method (get or post ). (String) URL: the URL

Ajax JS countdown execution background Method

HTML code   Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)>1 2 3 4 5 6 untitled page 7 26 27 28 29 30 31 32> 33 value = "start" onclick = "Hello ()"/> 34 35 36 37 38   Background

[Ajax] XMLHttpRequest-readystate-status

Document directory Readystate Status Readystate HTTP Request status. When an XMLHttpRequest is created for the first time, the value of this attribute starts from 0 until the complete HTTP response is received. This value is increased to 4. Each

Jquery pagination Ajax paging plug-in (Chinese)

Document directory I. Related demo II. Introduction and description Iii. Usage Iv. Parameters 5. Examples Vi. Demo description Version: v1.2Source File Download: English original or Chinese translation modified version 1, related demo

Share your own Ajax package

I have been working for two years. Because I have carefully studied the translation version of professional JavaScript For Web developers, I have always thought that my Js level is acceptable. Therefore, I am not familiar with many JS frameworks at

Eliminate the cache action Return Value Problem of tomcat in Ajax

When writing Ajax, we will use a timer to call an action regularly to detect something. For example, in EC 2.0, we use Ajax technology to regularly check the user's message inbox and check whether there are new messages and how many messages there

Ajax asynchronous processing when a user applies for a new user

Ajax asynchronous processing when a user applies for a new user, after the user name is entered, the system prompts whether the user name is registered after you click somewhere else:   JS Code processed by Ajax:   JSP page call: Username: $

Jquery implements Ajax and returns JSON data

Jquery can call several methods to implement Ajax I often use the $ get (URL, Data, callback, type) method. The URL is the page of the asynchronous request (which can be. ashx file), data is the parameter, callback is the callback function, and

Ajax uses the post method to pass Parameters

. Aspx code Ajax uses the post method to pass Parameters click . CS codePublic partial class post: system. Web. UI. Page{Protected void page_load (Object sender, eventargs E){If (request. Form ["Param"]! = NULL){String username = request. Form

Multi-browser compatible Ajax operations

  Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)>VaR xmldoc, X; Function xmlhttp_async (URL, onready ){ If (url = NULL | url = "") return false;If (window. XMLHttpRequest ){X = new window.

Ajax framework comparison

Dojo1.0.2, ext2.0.1, gwt1.4, prototype 1.5.1, jquery 1.2.3, mootools 1.2 Ajax framework classification: Javascript underlying encapsulation with high degree of freedom and basic widget Components Prototype 1.5.1,Jquery 1.2.3,Mootools 1.2

A bug in Google browser when reading returned data using jquery Ajax

// Set the file expiration time in the client buffer to 0, that is, it expires immediately. Context. response. expires = 0; // clear the output cache context opened by the server for this session. response. clear (); context. response. charset =

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