ZZ install Ajax

Open the website http://ajax.asp.net 2. Click to download 3. After the installation is complete, you can see it in the toolbar of vs2005. 4. Download Ajax Control Toolkit: Http://www.codeplex.com/AtlasControlToolkit/Project/FileDownload.aspx?

Disabling repeated submission during Ajax return

Recently encountered a problem: the page uses Ajax, not jquery, and uses Microsoft scriptmanager and updateprogress. How does one prohibit repeated submission during data return? That is, after you click the submit button, the button cannot be used.

Jquery + Ajax code implementation

// JSON. the public void processrequest (httpcontext context) {context. response. contenttype = "text/plain"; javascriptserializer JSON = new javascriptserializer (); string JS = JSON. serialize (new person () {name = "anby", age = "20"}); context.

Use $. Ajax in jquery to submit a form

First, create a new login.html page: $. ajax () method To Send request User Logon Name: password: & nbsp; & nbsp / div> and, create login. aspx to receive and process data:

Use $. Ajax in jquery for instant Verification

Use jquery and the general handler to instantly verify that the student ID entered by the user is repeated. When the cursor leaves the input box, a prompt is displayed. Student ID: Id = "txtnum" runat = "server"> Controltovalidate = "txtnum"

Create an Ajax-Style File Upload

This article is translated. I forgot the original article. Google should find it.   Create an Ajax-Style File Upload If you visit the ASP. NET Ajax forum, you will find that hundreds of people ask that when you put the file control in updatepanel,

Ajax Control Toolkit 1.0 official edition 32 server-side controls

Since the official release of Asp.net Ajax, focusing on the ajaxcontroltoolkit, the addition of four controls is really interesting and there are still new gains and doubts about the other 28 controls. Because I have written two articles before,

Ajax Control Toolkit-slider: one day

Most people in Shandong know the absurd story of Han Fu Yi in Jinan that year. One of his poems is: "Qianfoshan, Foshan qianqian, and the other is rough at the top. One day, the top is thick and the bottom is sharp." In the past few days, we have

Details: 16 changes in Ajax Control Toolkit version 1.0.10606.0

The calm sea is often surging below, Ajax Control Toolkit version 1.0.10606.0 version does not add controls, but there are a lot of internal changes, and I will work with the Ajax Control Toolkit version 1.0.10606.0 16 changes. 1. First, reduce the

Ajax Control Toolkit animation Problem Solving

Remember the question about Ajax Control Toolkit animation, that is, because moving and other animation effects do not support dynamic parameters or methods, which makes us very passive; The problem lies in "Hard coding". How can this problem be

70 fresh and practical JavaScript and Ajax technologies (top and bottom)

Document directory 1. Calendar and time: instances and demos 2. Examples and demos of Navigation 3. tool tip instance and demonstration 4. Menu: instance and demonstration 5. Slider: instance and demo 6. Slides: examples and demos 7. Image

Upload files using jquery + Ajax in MVC

1. view page code  View code 1 2 3 4 5 filename: 6 7 8 9   2. Controller page  View code 1 Public jsonresult upload (httppostedfilebase file) 2 { 3 4 If (file. contentlength = 0) 5 { 6 return json (New 7 { 8 Bret = false, 9 smsg = "select an

Ajax XMLHttpRequest Post get

/* When there are Chinese parameters, the receiver needs to use the UTF-8 method to decode the data* Post attachments are not supported.*/ Function getxmlhttprequest (){VaR XMLHttpRequest = NULL;Try {XMLHttpRequest = new activexobject

Use dropdownlist to implement errors in the three-level linkage of the new province and city without refreshing Ajax

Objectives:Use the dropdownlist control on the server side to implement three-level linkage between Ajax-free new provinces and cities Save: City: Area:   Practice: When loading a page, load the "Province" data first, add the "please select"

Get rid of ashx/asmx and use jquery. ajaxwebservice to request webmethod. Ajax processing is more concise.

To develop Ajax programs in webform, you need to use the general processing program (*. ashx) or Web Service (*. asmx), and every Ajax request must create such a file. As a result, if there are more Ajax programs in a project, a bunch of files will

Ajax (. NET) Notes for beginners

The following is a rough record of the. NET video from instructor Yang zhongke (Chuanzhi podcast) and the Ajax chapter in the video publishing system of instructor Niu Yu,Beginner's understanding is limited, so the notes may be incorrect.. I. Use

Implementation of Ajax multi-level linkage between cities, counties, and districts (streets) based on struts1.x and strurts2.x

Ajax multi-level linkage (struts1.x and strurts2.x) take the city as an example on the Code :( if there is a problem can add QQ: 2250680083) 1, import package json-lib-2.2.3-jdk15.jar, introduce jquery if the network is recommended to use Google,

Build a Lookup server control using the Ajax. NET Framework

I. Introduction Today, Ajax is one of the most popular words in the software industry. However, this idea is not new, but for some reason, it became popular in the second half of last year. With the development of web-based application software,

Introduction to ext Manual: CORE: Ext. Ajax

Ext. Ajax class The Ext. Ajax class is a simple and clear xhr package that allows you to execute Ajax requests quickly and effectively. In this tutorial, we will discuss in addition to the public Method Request (), how to use the plaintext message

Understanding Ajax, Part 1: Using XML in requests and responses

Understand When or when XML is not suitable Document options

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