Rsh (really simple history)-record Ajax browsing history

Official Website Http://   It mainly involves the use of two objects. Dhtmlhistory and historystorage. 1. dhtmlhistory. Add (param1, param2 ). This method stores browser history records. For example, the

Google local Ajax

Recently, in the company's hbbtv project, we need to use a Chrome browser based on the WebKit kernel for local webpage testing, but found that $. load (). $. get () and other events are blocked by Chrome. It is quite troublesome to install the

Ajax get and post submit data records

// Ajaxread ("http://page.aspx? AA = JJ & BB = 3434 ", post ); Function ajaxread (file, type ){VaR xmlobj = NULL;If (window. XMLHttpRequest ){Xmlobj = new XMLHttpRequest ();} Else if (window. activexobject ){Xmlobj = new activexobject ?? = Press ENTER

Recently, I developed a new version like chatting room, so I used Then I found a problem. when I have carriage return and images in the text, the subsequent text will be lost. SssssssSsssssSssssssss IMG SRC = "Http: //

Ajax drop-down list box (select) jquery plug-in

The first is the Ajax filling plug-in filloptions. This plug-in can obtain data through Ajax and add the data to the drop-down list box. The data format supports XML and JSON formats. The plug-in definition is as follows:Filloptions (URL,

How jquery uses ajax to be cached by IE

Simple TestCodeTo load a text file using the Ajax class of jquery. If the IE file is saved slowly, the content in 1.txt is modified later, and the update still cannot be seen on the foreground. Solution Method 1: Change the type to post, and

10 powerful Ajax jquery File Upload programs

Uploading files and images is a common feature of many websites. It is essential for registered users to upload personal profile images or upload files for sharing.ProgramAlthough there are many implementation methods, you need to make the upload

XMLHttpRequest for Ajax

VaR Doc; Window. onload = function () { If (window. activexobject) { Doc = new activexobject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP "); } Else if (window. XMLHttpRequest) { Doc = new XMLHttpRequest (); } } Function Test () { Doc. Open ("get", "/ajax/test. aspx",

Implementation of jquerymobile Ajax under the mvc3 framework of Microsoft (using listview update as an example)

1. interfaces for background data The background mainly provides JSON serialized data. Any object can be serialized as a JSON string. After the object is serialized in the background, the string can be directly submitted to the foreground for

. Net Ajax debugging prompt "sys" undefined Solution

Today, the updatepanel control in Ajax of MS is used to refresh some pages. however, when debugging the program, the error message "sys" is not defined. google in Baidu, the original needs to be in the web. add a configuration in the config

Use the Ajax extensions client to call Web Services

Very ASP. NET Use the Ajax extensions client to call Web Services Fritz onion

Original Ajax usage

Ajax var xmlHttp; function createXMLHttpRequest(){ if(window.ActiveXObject){ xmlHttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); } else { xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); }

Ajax application development: Practitioner's Guide

The current web application development is basically centered on rich Internet applications (RIA. There are many Ria implementation technologies: Ajax, Flash, javafx, and sliverlight. The advantage of Ajax technology is that it is built on open

Get started with Ajax

1. Enter Ajax (1) standard-based representation technology using XHTML and CSS (2) Use dom for Dynamic Display and Interaction (3) use XML and XSLT for data exchange and processing (4) use XMLHttpRequest for asynchronous data retrieval (5) use

Introduction to Ajax technology section 3 Dom basics and Dom operations html

1. Dom (Document Object Model) is called the Document Object Model. It is a language-and platform-neutral interface that allows programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the content, structure, and style of documents. In Ajax, Dom is an

The data required for Ajax is not available yet.

The data required for Ajax is not available yet. During the application of the new brushless DC technology, two functions are often used to connect to the server. The former is called the callserver () function, and the latter is called the

The odd Phenomenon of using get in Ajax

If XMLHttpRequest. Open (...) uses the get method, the browser will not respond if the same value is sent twice, and the POST method must be changed. For specific explanations, refer to the following: Http://

Send Ajax with jquery values and modify the data of the original webpage

// ----------- Query the status Parameter Function of the modified parameter ---------------------------Function queuery_status (){// Var ADDR = $ ("# invaddr"). ATTR ("value ")VaR I;VaR ADDR = $ ("# invaddr"). Val ();Alert ("Get the value:" + ADDR )

Ajax synchronization and Asynchronization of jquery

Before writing jquery code, you must consider the code running sequence when loading data through Ajax. Recently, Ajax synchronization is used. This synchronization means that when the JS Code is loaded to the current Ajax, it will stop loading all

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