Ajax basic instance returns XML

// Ajax request for the City DataFunction ajaxforget (CN ){VaR xmlhttp_request = "";Try {If (window. activexobject ){For (VAR I = 5; I --){Try {If (I = 2 ){Xmlhttp_request = new activexobject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ");}Else {Xmlhttp_request = new

Ajax example (get only)

// Ajax requestFunction Ajax (method, URL ){This. method = method;This. url = URL;Ajax. Counter ++;}Ajax. Counter = 0;Ajax. Prototype. createxhr = function () {// create XMLHttpRequestVaR xmlhttp_request = "";Try {If (window. activexobject ){For

Jquery Ajax paging, modify the plug-in (because the put of the plug-in IE will make an error)

JS Code (Function ($ ){$. FN. Extend ({ajaxpager: function (options ){VaR defaults = {startpage: 1, pagescount: 10, changesiteevent: NULL, showfirstlast: false, showgoback: true}; var Options = $. extend (defaults, options); return this. each

Use Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network (CDN) to optimize WordPress loading speed

Recently, we have been paying more attention to performance optimization. I had nothing to worry about last night. I just wanted to practice the performance optimization methods I learned in the last time. Using Google Chrome's developer tool (this

Use of updatepanel and triggers in Ajax

1. Page Definition: -- Controls and other Div 2. toolkitscriptmanager must be defined (1). Use WebService (2) WebService is not used 3. triggers The control in triggers does not need to be written to updatepanel. As long as it is defined in

Jquery Ajax submits a form query to obtain data instances

Let's look at an example of submitting an Ajax query using jquery.Basic Function: enter a form, admission ticket and verification code, verify whether the form is entered, click query and submit, and then obtain and display the returned data from

Differences between button and submit in jquery Ajax

Yesterday, I used the POST method of jquery ajax to upload values on the page. After a while, no new data is displayed. After a long time, no results are returned. After a long time, no syntax errors are returned, finally, I realized what the

Microsoft Ajax minifier Introduction

Microsoft Ajax minifier IntroductionIs a free tool for compressing JS and CSS files.Http://aspnet.codeplex.com/releases/view/40584Http://www.asp.net/ajaxLibrary/AjaxMinDocumentation.ashxReprinted please indicate the source:

Experiences and Lessons from using DWR to reverse Ajax

Failed Experiences and Lessons from using DWR to reverse Ajax in the past week, I tried to use DWR's reverse Ajax function to develop a web-based page instant messaging system, but failed. The technical obstacle is that, apart from the current

Dynamic Loading of linked list boxes using Ajax

The following shows two associated lists, one is the "Province" list box and the other is the "city" list box of the province. When you click the "Province" drop-down box, the "city" drop-down box will change accordingly, and the cities in the

Why can't I retrieve the value on the server after I submit data to ashx using Ajax and format the parameter with JSON. stringify? [Reprint to: http://q.cnblogs.com/q/34266/]

Front-end code: $ (Function (){VaR model = function (key ){This. Key = key;}VaR M = new model ("ABC ");$. Ajax ({URL: '/demo. ashx ',Type: 'post ',Data: JSON. stringify (m ),Contenttype: 'application/JSON; charset = utf8 ',Cache: false,Datatype:

Upgrade version 1.1 using the wind ws unlimited Ajax menu tree (drag and drop function added)

As suggested by Boyou, I upgraded the Ajax unlimited menu tree of the simulated Windows Folder posted yesterday and addedDrag.I don't know if it is appropriate to send it to the original zone again. Please make more criticism and continue to

Upgrade version 1.3 using the wind ws unlimited Ajax menu tree (fixed a serious bug)

Windws unlimited Ajax menu tree upgraded (version 1.3) Fixed the following bugs: 1. You can only drag on text (not from the folder icon) 2. The bug that does not refresh the menu after the drag is performed (after the drag is a sub-menu, The

Ajax learning diary (1)

1. Create an instance of the XMLHTTPRequest objectIf the browser supports ActiveX objects, you can use ActiveX to create XMLHttpRequest objects. Otherwise, it is necessary to use the local JavaScript Object technology to create.VaR XMLHTTP;Function

[Migration Article] two articles (Ajax refresh problem, learning from Hibernate)

The locally cached webpage has an impact on Ajax. I used to define a small content page as the carrier of the returned content to use Ajax.During development, you often encounter an inexplicable problem: it is clear that nothing is wrong, but the

[Migration text] Ajax initial experience

Recently, some tricky things have been encountered in the project. It is not easy to solve the problem with conventional methods, so we have to use the new weapon Ajax. I used this Ajax for the first few times, but its charm fascinated me. With it,

Online Ajax translation with Google API

Address: http://www.zu14.cn/2008/11/29/google_trans/ Google's online translation service may be a commonly used translation function. After all, you don't have to install your own translation software. Google also provides an API for automatic

When Ajax is used, the higher the XMLHTTP version, the better.

1 // create an XMLHttpRequest instance 2 This. _ createrequestentity = function () 3 { 4 var req; 5 var msxml_progid = ['msxml2. xmlhttp.8.0 ', 'msxml2. xmlhttp.7.0 ', 'msxml2. xmlhttp.6.0 ', 'msxml2. xmlhttp.5.0 ', 'msxml2. xmlhttp.4.0 ', 'msxml2.

Webform_postbackoptions undefined/undefined webresource. axd freetextbox Ajax callback Compression

Today, a user asked: It was uploaded to the website on the server. On the page with the verification control opened, a JS error is prompted: webform_postbackoptions is not defined; all the verification controls are invalid. In fact, there are two

An exception occurred when Ajax obtained JSON data.

A page in the project needs to obtain order-related information. For Asynchronous interaction, Ajax is used to retrieve data. The background order information is serialized into a string through jsonarray and then returned. It looks like a normal

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