Httpxmlrequest operations and attributes in Ajax

XMLHttpRequest operationAbort () stops the current requestGetAllResponseHeaders () returns all HTTP Request Response Headers as key/value pairs.GetResponseHeader ("Header") returns the string value of the specified header.Open ("method", "url")

Web configuration of AJAX

Add the following content to the section of the original web. config file:Code     If you have installed the official installation package (including beta1 and CTP), you only need to go to the following directory:C: \ Program Files \

Mojoportal learning-Article Translation: using Microsoft Ajax technology in mojoportal

Sorry for the poor translation.   Starting with version, mojoportal includes the MS Ajax framework. You can use it when developing custom modules. The scriptmanager control is no longer added to layout. Master of all templates. For

Ajax-related tools

1. ASP. NET Ajax 1.0 ( Ajax extension Library) Http:// 2. ASP. NET 2.0 Ajax futures January CTP Http://

Use the hash value of location to solve Ajax Problems

Location is the built-in object for managing the address bar in Javascript. For example, location. href manages the URL of the page and uses location. href = URL to directly redirect the page url. Location. Hash can be used to obtain or set the tag

This is the solution to passing Chinese parameters through jquery. Ajax.

Many people may encounter a problem when using the jquery. Ajax method. When encoding is not a UTF-8, when the passed parameter contains Chinese, the server request will appear garbled. I recently encountered the problem of passing Chinese

The Ajax framework uses jquery

Jquery is another excellent JavaScript framework after prototype. It was created by John resig in early 2006 and helps simplify JavaScript and Ajax programming. Someone uses this analogy to compare prototype and jquery: Prototype, just

An example of a simple jquery plug-in ajaxfileupload that uploads files through Ajax

Page code: Ajaxfileupload() "/> Server code: Public class updateaction extends dispatchaction { Public actionforward Uploader (actionmapping mapping, actionform form,Httpservletrequest request, httpservletresponse response ){Upformform =

Extender and Behavior Models in. Net Ajax

ASP. NET Ajax provides multiple models, including component, control, and behavior models on the client, and scirptcontrol and extender models on the server. These models have their own purposes, but note that the client and server models are

Getting started with Ajax: a deep understanding of functions in Javascript)

Functions are the basis for modular program design. To compile complex Ajax applications, you must have a deeper understanding of functions. Functions in JavaScript are different from other languages. Each function is maintained and run as an object.

Using JSON to accelerate Ajax (by Sean Kelly)

After Microsoft added ActiveX XMLHTTP objects used to execute Javascript in IE, it seemed that Ajax was a revolutionary web application development. Today, Firefox, Safari, opera, and other browsers all provide XMLHttpRequest so that they can access

In Ajax: SYS is not defined

1: Add Ajax reference   2. Add system. Web. Extensions reference   3. Add the selected part in Web. config.   4. Add   If a script error is reported, sys is not defined .. You need to add it to Web. config. After compilation, it will be OK.  

Ajax Control Toolkit: calendarextender

After contacting the Ajax Control Toolkit, it is found that the use of the calendarextender is really convenient, as long as the control is dragged in, the textbox pop-up date can be selected. However, do you have the same problem as me? That is,

Ajax demo -- operate a text file

Ajax demo -- operate a text file A simple Ajax demo. Main functions: 1. Read and display text files. 2. Update a text file. copyright @ 2006 ! The following is ASP code:Set FSO = server. Createobject ("scripting.

Example of implementing provincial/municipal level-2 linkage using Ajax

// In the example, the provincial/municipal secondary node does not need to be refreshed, and the provincial/municipal connection server dynamically loads the municipal name obtain the city name by province name Hubei Jiangsu   Using

Ajax: tabcontainer not maintaining activetabindex between postbacks

Document directory Problems Solutions  Problems When I select a row from the gridview on "tabpanel2", the activetabindex is not maintained and appears to be reset. Aspx Untitled PageTabPanel1TabPanel2 Code-behind using System;using

11th: Ajax Control Toolkit control package-1. Accordion (multilayer folding effect)

1. Create a web form: accordion. aspx2. Add a scriptmanager Control3. Add an accordion control. (Note: When you drag the accordion control to the form, the form is displayed as anything. Add code to the source code only)Code Code highlighting

14th: Ajax Control Toolkit control package-3. dragpanel (drag effect)

Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)>1 2 3 4 5. I am the title. Drag Me Down. 6 7. 8. 9. 10 11 12 draghandleid = "panel2" targetcontrolid = "Panel1">1

15th: Ajax Control Toolkit control package-4. alwaysvisiblecontrolextender

Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)>Div>Bordercolor = "# c2c2c2" borderstyle = "Dashed" borderwidth = "1px">Learning Ajax Go to Runat = "server" targetcontrolid = "Panel1"

Ajax prevents repeated submission by users

This article from: Loading Method on the server:Private void onloading (){System. Text. stringbuilder sb = new system. Text. stringbuilder ();SB. append ("function pageload () {

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