-Teach you how to write the Ajax-driven DataGrid Control (1)

From http://www.cnblogs.com/wfyfngu/archive/2007/10/09/917700.html Are you still using the DataGrid or gridview, or are you struggling to find a grid control? Write one by yourself. Let's take a look at the features we need: I. Requirement

Ajax call4 free

Ajax is up 1. Resource websites 1. Chinese website1) Ajax China (recommended)A professional Ajax technology website with clear categories, a large number of electronic tutorials, and Ajax source code downloads!Www.okajax.com 2)

Jquery Ajax submits a form query to obtain data instances

Let's look at an example of submitting an Ajax query using jquery.Basic Function: enter a form, admission ticket and verification code, verify whether the form is entered, click query and submit, and then obtain and display the returned data from

Differences between button and submit in jquery Ajax

Yesterday, I used the POST method of jquery ajax to upload values on the page. After a while, no new data is displayed. After a long time, no results are returned. After a long time, no syntax errors are returned, finally, I realized what the

Microsoft Ajax minifier Introduction

Microsoft Ajax minifier IntroductionIs a free tool for compressing JS and CSS files.Http://aspnet.codeplex.com/releases/view/40584Http://www.asp.net/ajaxLibrary/AjaxMinDocumentation.ashxReprinted please indicate the source:

Experiences and Lessons from using DWR to reverse Ajax

Failed Experiences and Lessons from using DWR to reverse Ajax in the past week, I tried to use DWR's reverse Ajax function to develop a web-based page instant messaging system, but failed. The technical obstacle is that, apart from the current

Prototype. js Ajax cannot retrieve XML in Firefox ??? -* (¥-· (¥ ...... *...... $ -*(!!!

The Code is as follows: // There is no problem in IE. For the first time in Firefox, there is no problem in retrieving the list. If you click to retrieve the sublist, no data will be obtained. You can be sure that the background program has returned

The first intimate contact with Ajax

Ajax frameworkVaR http_request = false;Function send_request (URL ){Http_request = false;If (window. XMLHttpRequest ){Http_request = new XMLHttpRequest ();If (http_request.overridemimetype ){Http_request.overridemimetype ("text/XML ");}}Else if

Ajax source code website collection

1. Chinese website 1) Ajax China (recommended) A professional Ajax technology website with clear categories, a large number of electronic tutorials, and Ajax source code downloads! Www.okajax.com 2) ajaxcn.org Instructor Li's blog. Li Yun:

-Teach you how to write the Ajax-driven DataGrid Control (2)

From http://www.cnblogs.com/wfyfngu/archive/2007/10/09/917789.html Ii. Guiding Ideology Everything requires an idea as a guide, and our controls are no exception. 1. Name of the control (let's call it ajaxgrid, which will be used all the time later)

-Teach you how to write the Ajax-driven DataGrid Control (3)

From http://www.cnblogs.com/wfyfngu/archive/2007/10/10/918931.html In the previous article, we achieved the goal of converting an object-type data source into a datatable. Next, we will keep the data sources until we confirm they are no longer used.

Create a tab using Ajax

CSS tabs seem to be all the rage with the kids these days. I love the idea of them. it seems that the most popular method of creating tabs using CSS is the sliding doors method. they seem to look the coolest and are very easy to implement. however,

How to Use Ajax technology to develop Web Applications (1)

In the past, web applications were restricted due to the need to reload web pages (or load other pages) to obtain new data. Although other methods are available (without loading other pages), these technologies are not well supported and tend to be

Simple Ajax + WebService example

I have always thought that WebService is only used to provide functional modules for external special business services, so I have always used the ashx File Processing backend. Today I read other people's articles and suddenly understand, webService

Summary of solutions to the "sys undefined" error in Ajax

Error: The "sys undefined" error occurs when customizing scripts in Ajax applications. Solution 1: Obtain the pagerequestmanager instance statement (for example, var prm = SYS. webforms. pagerequestmanager. getinstance (); ) In the

FAQ: Does the Web ADF for. Net version 9.2 support Microsoft Ajax 1.0?

Many developers of AGS for. NET are concerned about whether the ADF for. Net 9.2 supports Asp.net Ajax 1.0. First, let's look at the official suggestions: Http://support.esri.com/index.cfm? Fa = KnowledgeBase. techarticles. articleshow & D = 33689 1

Ajax. Request () Explanation

Ajax. Request (URL, {method: method, parameters: Para, postbody: xmlstring, asynchronous: True, setRequestHeader: object, oncomplete: completefun, onerror: errorfun}) sends an asynchronous request. (This method is written to be compatible with

Description of Ajax XMLHttpRequest

Before using the XMLHTTPRequest object to send requests and process responses, you must use JavaScript to create an XMLHTTPRequest object. Because XMLHttpRequest is not a W3C standard, you can use JavaScript to create an XMLHttpRequest instance in

Ajax technology development application practice

Ajax, An Asynchronous JavaScript and XML acronyms, is a very popular technology in today's rapidly developing web development field. While this new technology provides tremendous capabilities, it also ignited an unquestionable debate over the "back"

Ajax development tool bindows tutorial-create a topic

Each topic contains a Javascript file, which creates a bitheme object, and a CSS file to define the appearance. By default, you need to create a folder in the themes directory. The folder name is the name of the topic you created. Add a theme.css

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