After jquery uses Ajax, $ (this) has a problem with the selected object.

After jquery uses Ajax, the $ (this) selected object is no longer a previous object. To solve this problem, my solution is as follows: $ (". Timeout"). Click (function (){If (confirm ("are you sure you want to cancel this information? ")){VaR temp =

First try Ajax Control

I made a provincial/municipal drop-down menu yesterday, and I always felt that the page refresh was quite uncomfortable. If the page data and images increased, wouldn't it be slower? I decided to try out the popular Ajax technology today. After

About the Ajax timestamp, Ajax requests with the same parameters are only processed once at a time interval.

When I log on to Ajax, I find the same parameter request, such as username ZZZ and password ZZ. After I click "Log on: For a browser, your first click will call the RPC request. However, when you use the same browser to submit a form, RPC will not

Collection of professional Ajax Solutions

Document directory Ajax auto completer Ajax instant Edit Ajax menus, tabs Ajax date, time, calendars Ajax interactive elements Ajax Developer's suite Enhanced Ajax Solutions Ajax forms Ajax grids, tables Ajax lightboxes, galleries,

JSON-based Ajax Development

This article explains how to use Ajax and JSON analyzer to create a complex JSON data transmission layer between the client and the server.   I. Introduction There is no doubt that Ajax has become a powerful user interaction technology in today's

Jquery Ajax cannot obtain the returned value

I recently registered a member. The username is verified using jquery Ajax. Email, verification code Function check_email (){VaR check_email = $ ("# reg_mail"). Val ();VaR Reg =/^ ([a-zA-Z0-9 _-]) + @ ([a-zA-Z0-9 _-]) + ((/. [a-zA-Z0-9 _-] {2, 3}) {1

Experience the new. Net Ajax brushless Technology

1. Create a new project and add reference Ajax. DLL to the reference. Ajax. dll is located in the downloaded package.    2. Create httphandler and add it to Web. config.<configuration> <system.web> <httpHandlers> <add verb="POST,GET"

[Reference] Ajax. Net example: using an updatepanelanimationextender to place an animated GIF over a G

Ajax. Net example: using an updatepanelanimationextender to place an animated GIF over a gridview I recently was working on an ASP. net project that contained quite a few search pages. these pages all followed a similar structured pattern where the

Ajax browser support

Document directory Example: The main point of AJAX is the XMLHTTPRequest object. Different browsers use different methods to create XMLHttpRequest objects. The IE browser uses activexobject, while other browsers use JavaScript built-in objects

. Ajax method to obtain JSON data

$. Ajax ({ URL: 'http: // ', Data: {s_courseid: courseid, currtime: new date (). gettime ()}, // Add a timestamp; otherwise, data will not be updated automatically. Datatype: 'json

Obtain the data returned by jquery Ajax, including JSON, XML, and TXT.

Jquery provides a series of global methods to encapsulate the XMLHTTPRequest object. During Ajax development, you no longer have to worry about the problem of browser clients. I. $. Ajax (options)It is the most fundamental jquery Ajax method. It

Ajax. Net updatepanel comprehensive application (3) (client)

Http:// Ajax. Net updatepanel comprehensive application (3) (client) The first two articles are mainly about the server side. Today, they are all about the client side. You can also watch the

Simple Ajax application to check whether the user name exists

Client page index.html Ajax test Server Function page check. aspx Using system;Using system. Data;Using system. configuration;Using system. collections;Using system. Web;Using system. Web. Security;Using system. Web. UI;Using system. Web. UI.

Ajax error top

KB-cross-domain access denied issue of ASP. NET Ajax page The website was upgraded to ASP. NET Ajax with no certificate available on the website. Today, the program was only online, and I have published three articles on the website. The new website

Ajax does not refresh

The image verification code is generated on another page, but when the verification code is placed in updatepannel, click the image button, but it does not refresh. The test found that the request was not responded, and it would be nice to do

Trigger sequence of SYS. webforms. pagerequestmanager events in Ajax

The test code is as follows: No title page   The final result is as follows: 1. When the page is accessed for the first time, the add_pageloaded event is first triggered. 2. During asynchronous submission, the event excitation sequence is as

Ajax application method summary

Note: Ajax serves as a bridge between the front-end and the back-end. You can call the back-end method at the front-end. The dll can be downloaded from the Ajax. dll file. Configuration: Step 1: Configure in webconfig: Code highlighting produced by

[Import] Does Ajax not work after the website is published?

Does Ajax work after a website is published? The possible problem lies in the IIS application ing. The solution is as follows: Right-click "website virtual directory" and choose "properties"> "home directory"> "configuration" to see if there is

Some free Ajax & JavaScript image galleries (2) -- Zhizhi

  28 2007-10 Some free Ajax & JavaScript image galleries (2) Posted:Ajax/JavaScript/Resources 1Comments Below are some codes collected from the Internet that can be used for free and Ajax & JavaScript to manipulate and display

Jquery Ajax JSON parsererror

  Data: "{}". If the data is empty, you must pass "{}". Otherwise, the returned data is in XML format. The system prompts parsererror. 1. Write four WebService Methods [WebService (namespace = "")][Webservicebinding (conformsto =

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