In Ajax, data is submitted in get mode, ie is cached, FF is not cached, and four solutions are provided.

The solution is to force the page not to be cached. 1. Add the header to the ASP pageResponse. Buffer = trueResponse. expiresabsolute = now ()-1Response. expires = 0Response. cachecontrol = "no-Cache"Response. addheader "Pragma", "No-Cache" 2.

Ajax error in WebSphere 6.1 deployment Program

To meet the project requirements, use WebSphere 6.1 as the server andProgramAfter porting It, I encountered an Ajax error. The WebSphere version was installed at the beginning. After the installation, the program was released. After logging

Ajax. Net call WebService Method

Ajax. as one of the mature Ajax platforms. NET platform is developed by Microsoft, so Ajax is used. net client script call. net Development of WebService will be a very simple thing, this is one of the exciting thing. Next, we will introduce the

Initial access to Ajax

// For one instance, three textbox. When the user inputs data in the first and second, the third textbox changes accordingly. Javascript section: Create an XMLHTTPRequest object XMLHTTP = new activexobject ("mcrosoft. XMLHTTP"); // IE XMLHTTP =

Javascript, jquery, Ajax personal learning notes

This article aims to record the classic examples of my learning process This section provides the complete JavaScript reference manual: Javascript local objects and built-in objects Browser object (BOM) Html dom object JavaScript Object

Extended jquery. pagination supports Ajax and request with Parameters

The pagination of jquery is extended as required by the project. In this way, jquery. pagination may directly request the server with parameters Ajax and update the content of the corresponding container. Record:   Address:

Ajax example of a simple client calling XMLHTTP

An example of a simple client calling XMLHTTP. The client calls XMLHTTP in five steps:1. Create an XMLHTTP object2. Open the connection with the server, and define the command sending method, Service webpage (URL), and request permissions.The

Reuse jquery's Ajax call module

Writing a bunch of. Ajax every time is really troublesome. Therefore, it is better to encapsulate it in a module. First, when an error occurs in an Ajax call, the error dialog box is displayed automatically. The artdialog dialog box is used. Second,

How to solve the problem of garbled Ajax gb2312

1. The client post is garbled in simplified Chinese.Request. setRequestHeader ("Content-Type", "application/X-WWW-form-urlencoded; charset = gb2312 ");2. The server responds to the simplified Chinese Garbled text.1) ASP. NETMethod 1. Modify the Web.

Cobra-entering the Ajax age

At present, the company is accumulating related technologies of Web2.0, and Cobra is used to train its hands. In the future, Cobra will abandon the wxpython-based GUI, but instead use the DHTML + Ajax-based technology. It is really tedious to make

How Ajax is called in ecshop

1: first, how does ecshop define Ajax objects. The Ajax objects in ecshop are defined in the JS/transport. js file. It contains an Ajax object file. Declared a var Ajax = transport; object and a method Ajax. Call = transport. Run;   2: In ecshop,

No refreshing Ajax pages

I wrote a program some time ago and used Ajax without refreshing pages. I learned this video from the "Chuanzhi podcast. Core Process: query the database and obtain the total number of pages by using "how many pieces of data are there"/"how many

Ajax open-source effect website

* Accordion) Http:// Cid = 241 * AutoComplete) Http:// Cid = 242 * Animation) Http:// Cid = 243 * Date (calendar) Http:// Cid = 24

Mvc json Ajax second-level connection

$ (document ). ready (function () { $ ("# teamname "). change (function () { $. getjson ('/team/selectproduct', {teamname: $ ("# teamname "). val ()}, function (data) { $ ("# productid "). empty (); $. each (data, function (I, item) {$ (" ") . val

Understanding Ajax, Part 1: Using dom

The watershed between programmers (using backend applications) and web programmers (compiling HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) is long-lasting. However, the Document Object Model (DOM) makes up for this crack, making it extremely effective to use HTML at

DWR reverse Ajax server pushing technology

1. server push technology The method by which a client sends a request to obtain server-side data is usually referred to as the "pull" technology. It clearly shows that the client is pulling server-side data, and sometimes the server needs to

Ajax --- some differences between IE and Firefox scripts

Ajax ------- some differences between IE and Firefox scripts When Ajax is used for development, it is inevitable to encounter different browser implementations. The following is a summary of aoiumi. 1: innertextSupported by IE, not supported by

Ajax without refreshing comments

  Today, I saw a military sentiment observation room in youku. By the way, I sent a comment. I felt that the user experience was good when Youku posted a comment. I also made a comment today. In fact, you can still do paging, but now there is no

Ajax getting started -- Ajax getting started example

The following two pages describe an Ajax call, including how to create an XMLHTTPRequest object, how to send requests to the server, and how to receive server responses and asynchronous calls. This is a good example of getting started with Ajax. The

Ajax Development (Part 1)

Ajax Development (Part 1) Time: 2005-11-14Author: Ke zicongBrowsing times:10924Keyword: Ajax, Dom, XML, JavaScript What is your browser doing when the page is refreshed slowly while browsing the webpage through a browser? What is your screen

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