Ajax core code

The following code summarizes a piece of core Ajax code through a large number of experiments. It is more flexible. Post and get can be used for passing parameters, and text and XML can be returned.

Jquery. validationengine + Ajax Verification

Use jquery. validationengine ajax to verify whether the background ID already exists Front-end jquery validation framework Verification JSP: /js/css/validationEngine.jquery.css"/>   Jquery. validationEngine-cn.js "Ajaxitemnocall": {"url":

EXT Ajax request, add the mask wait effect.

Today, I am working on Ext. Ajax. Request ({});. I think the mask block is required. Method 1: (marked with red) {Text: "delete", iconcls: "BTN-del", scope: This, Handler: function () {var F = This. centerpanel; var d = f. getselectionmodel ().

The Ext. Ajax. Request request is complete and the return value is obtained.

The data name of the foreign key is displayed in a list for the apprentice today. However, the foreign key is composed of multiple data names. Therefore, the data is saved to and 2222, which are separated by commas. However, the information of 111, 2

Quality Accidents-alarm bells and apologies to the translators of Ajax design patterns and Best Practices!

Late yesterday, I received a text message from the translator Li Peng, saying that there is a problem with image processing in our book "ajax design patterns and Best Practices". The translators have translated Chinese illustrations of many images,

Are you using Ajax today? -- Some common problems solved by Ajax applications

Are you using Ajax today? -- Some common problems solved by Ajax applications It is undeniable that I am very optimistic about Ajax technology. I think Ajax technology is just like HTML for the Internet. However, we must also see that AJAX

Force Ajax page refresh by shawl. Qiu

Force Ajax page refresh by shawl. Qiu Note:There is nothing to explain. before Ajax is understood, there is a mysterious feeling. After learning about Ajax, it seems like it is a little too simple.The main application is not refreshing get and post.

Getting started with Ajax + servlet instances

  About the advantages of Ajax, The first is Asynchronous interaction. The user does not feel the Page Submission and does not wait for the page to return. This is the first experience that users feel when using Ajax pages. The second is fast

Use JSON to accelerate Ajax

  Use JSON to accelerate AjaxBy Sean Kelly Source: http://blog.csdn.net/Jekeyhua/archive/2006/05/03/707257.aspx After Microsoft added ActiveX XMLHTTP objects used to execute Javascript in IE, it seemed that Ajax was a revolutionary web application

Use ajax to implement persistent connections (analog push and semi-persistent connections)

    Many programs can implement persistent connections through sockets to push messages in real time. However, HTTP requests are usually short connections. When a request ends, the connection to the server is disconnected. The server cannot actively

EXT (3) --- Ajax

1 test.html Name: 2 extstart. jsExt. onready (function ()...{Ext. Get ('okclick'). On ('click', function ()...{VaR MSG = ext. Get ('msg ');MSG. Load (...{URL: 'ajax-example. php', // Params: 'name = '+ Ext. Get ('name').

Ajax example source code

Login. hmtl NO-refreshing Ajax user verification User Name: password: Login. js // Login. jsvar XMLHTTP; function chkuser () {XMLHTTP = NULL; If (window. XMLHttpRequest) {// code for all new browsersxmlhttp = new

Use jquery jsonp to implement cross-origin Ajax request. Net *. handler and WebService, and return JSON data

Development Environment: Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Deployment environment: Windows Server 2008 r2 + IIS 7   1. Create a data source project crossdomain The main file is as follows: 1. handler. ashxAs the response of jquery cross-origin Request *.

Ajax request and browser cache during website construction

Ajax request and browser cache In modern Web website construction, front-end code is filled with a large number of Ajax requests. If Ajax requests can be cached in a browser, network requests can be significantly reduced and the program response

Repost Ajax foreign articles

Below are some excellent articles about Asp.net Ajax:1. Extending the Imagemap HTML control with Ajax 1.0 extensions (a detail about this place is displayed when you move your mouse over an image, especially a map)Extended: When you move your cursor

In. net, the general processing program (ashx) is used in Ajax -- Dynamic Level connection of the drop-down list

In the. NET Framework, a file type is generally used to process files (. ashx ). It can be used as a server in Ajax development. In particular, when a request stays on a page, the following example is used to implement cascading update in the HTML

Ajax XMLHttpRequest responsetext Return Value

In the past few days, a problem occurs, that is, the Chinese character string returned by responsetext can be normally displayed on the HTML page, but the same string cannot be matched in JS. The length is tested with length, they found that their

Springmvc configuration, simple instance, file upload and download, Ajax request

Based on springmvc, This article uses the annotation method to explain the examples from configuration to simple common functions. The functions have been tested on the local machine and can run. References: iteye blog; Spring document; 1. Import

Ajax JS example

HTML page Ajax instance test Ajax instance test   Javascript: VaR XMLHTTP; function varify () {var username = document. getelementbyid ("username "). value; If (window. XMLHttpRequest) {XMLHTTP = new XMLHttpRequest (); If (XMLHTTP.

Jquery Ajax instances in JSON format

Jquery greatly simplifies Ajax development and makes Ajax applications necessary for front-end and back-end data transmission. Generally, we can use a normal string as the data transmitted in the front and back ends (for example, we can use special

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