HTTP and Ajax debugging tools

Powerful Tool for HTTP and Ajax debugging: Fiddler !!! (Data summary) In the last two days, we have studied how jquery connects to. NET web services and JSON. The head is several times bigger. Yesterday, I saw a message on a blog that could

Download Ajax case set: Add paging query cases (including two comprehensive cases in Ajax development essentials)

In Ajax development essentials, I have built two simple comprehensive examples. One is a simple message book that supports addition, deletion, modification, and fuzzy search, and the other is a function that simulates log comments, fixed links,

Invalid Ajax post assignment

YesterdayProgramThe value assignment is invalid during Ajax post. si_id has a value in the callback function of post, but it cannot be obtained outside the post function? VaR si_id $. Post ("/sysbrand/check_name/", {Name: name, type: Type},

Cross-origin Ajax call using Web Proxy

Javascript: Use a web proxy for cross-domain XMLHttpRequest CILS The XMLHTTPRequest object (also known as the XMLHTTP object in Internet Explorer) is at the core of today's most exciting Ajax web applications. but actually writing client Web

Solve Ajax cross-origin problems

SlaveAjaxSince its birth,XMLHttpRequestCross-origin requests are not allowed for objects. This seems to be a classic problem. Because of JavaScriptSame-origin policy(I will not discuss it in depth here. There are several solutions: 1. Intermediate

An example of a DataGrid implemented using Ajax

Ajax technology is used to asynchronously call the Web service on the server to generate a DataGrid on the client page. First, let's take a look at our web servcie. It uses the passed SQL to generate a dataset, and uses the standard DataGrid Control

An issue about Ajax Data Transmission

Problem: Use ajax to pass string variables from the front-end page to the server. The content to be transmitted is ABC +, but after receiving the data, use system. Out. println () to output ABC spaces. Cause: Some Characters in the URL are

National provincial/municipal linkage Ajax asynchronous submission

JS Code:     Some HTML code: & Lt; TD width = "387" align = "Left" & gt;Onchange = "getcity (this. Options [This. Options. selectedindex]. Value);">Province Pr = NULL;For (INT I = 0; I PR = (province) allpros. Get (I );%>">}%>& Lt; TD width = "387"

Jqery Ajax application

I. Load () method (simplest) Load (URL, [data], [callback]) URL: the address of the loaded page. Data: Optional. data sent to the server. The format is key/value. Callback: optional, callback function 1. The simplest application

Ajax for personalized Web Page Layout

  Page for implementation: drag the DIV & Lt; TD width = "25%" valgin = "TOP" & gt; Ajax DataGrid & Lt; TD width = "25%" & gt; C #. Net & Lt; TD width = "25%" & gt; expose Crip Js xmlhttp. js called on the page // JavaScript

An Ajax instance for paging

Now, more and more Ajax applications are used. The company found some materials on the Internet so that they can be used in the future, however, I have not found any examples in development. Now I have posted a simple example for your reference. I

Ajax submission form

One of the ways to submit a form using Ajax is to convert the form data into a string of request strings. Below is Convert form data into a string of request strings Function formtorequeststring (form_obj){VaR QUERY_STRING = '';VaR and = '';//

Ajax Chinese parameter garbled Solution

Solution 1======================[Page parameter passing method:]Example: "AAA. do? Val = "+ encodeuri (" value to be uploaded "))[Parameter acquisition method:]String val = request. getparameter ("Val ");Val = urldecoder. Decode (Val, "UTF-

Getting started with Ajax (improved)

Front-end floating advertisement enter name and birthday Background Using system; Using system. Data; Using system. configuration; Using system. collections; Using system. Web; Using system. Web.

$. Ajax entry-level application 1

Front-end No title page click receive background data Background Using system; Using system. Data; Using system. configuration; Using system. collections; Using system. Web; Using system. Web. Security; Using

$. Ajax entry application 2

Front-end No title page click receive background data Hello Background Protected void page_load (Object sender, eventargs E) { Response. Write ("hello" + request ["name"]); Response. End (); }

Getting started with an instance (Ajax)

Static Page No title page enter name and birthday Dynamic page Protected void page_load (Object sender, eventargs E) { // Response. Write ("background data "); If (request. httpmethod = "Post ")

$. Ajax method (passing JSON data)

Front-end No title page click receive background data Hello Background Protected void page_load (Object sender, eventargs E) { Hashtable ht = new hashtable (); String name = request. Params ["name"].

An example of Ajax partial refresh

Finally, it's a good time. An example of Ajax partial Refresh: Front-end page:   Ajax partial refresh   Background page: [getpart. asp]   Dim rs Dim SQL Set rs = server. Createobject ("ADODB. recordset ") SQL = "select * From king_test"

Startkit. Ajax

// Ajax application // My God, I cannot understand PHP. Forget it. Find an example of /* Use jquery to generate a div container with the ID "rating ". The Code generates five links and appends them to the "rating" container. When one of

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