What is the role of onreadystatechange in Ajax?

After a request is sent, the client cannot determine when the request will be completed. Therefore, an event mechanism is required to capture the Request status. The XMLHTTPRequest object provides the onreadystatechange event to implement this

Setinterval and Ajax-Ajax cache Problems

When you perform the serinterval operation on AJAX, you must add a timestamp after the request address. Because access to the same URL in a short time will access the cache.   VaR interval =Window. setinterval(Function (){$. Get

Ajax post data plus signs with spaces

I got base64 encoding on the page and wanted to interact with the background through Ajax, but all the + numbers of the data obtained in the background were changed to spaces and checked.     When Using ajax to pass data, data is usually

Ajax server servlet considerations

Recently, because the display speed of the Treeview control in Javascript form is too slow, I used Ajax + Yahoo UI to create a new one. After using Ajax for the first time, we finally implemented a lazy load-type classification tree. The server is a

An Ajax connection pool Encapsulation

1. Source Code   This Ajax connection pool has caused me a long time. Finally, it is compatible with four types of browsers: IE6/7/8, Firefox, opera, and Google Chrome.   /** * Ajax connection pool * ajaxconnectionpool build in 2009.7.10 * @

Javascript suggestions for Ajax component authors (blurprints in netbean5.5)

1: use object-oriented Javascript Believe it or not, you can use the object-oriented method to write JavaScript. In this way, you can get better reusable code, organize objects, and dynamically load objects. The following is the shopping cart of the

Take it for granted: Ajax cross-Origin data submission

I wrote a category item on Friday! There is only an IP address in the database. Generally, visitors do not know which city the IP address is from. if there is one more column in the table to store the city, there is no authenticity. how nice is it

Differences between Ajax synchronization links in IE and Firefox: open ("get", URL, false)

Before talking about this, we will first provide various methods to judge through Js. Various browsers have many names (ie, FF, TT, Maxthon,...), but the kernel is still only So many! IE kernel, Netscape kernel! Go to the topic and draw a

Use Ajax in ext

In general, in the tree of Ext, table directly inherits the Ajax Asynchronous Method to retrieve data. However, sometimes Ajax is used independently. How to Use Ajax separately in Ext? The basic usage is as follows:  Ext.Ajax.request({   url: "url",

Real-time Monitoring charts using Ajax + SVG

Introduction:Ajax has been introduced in many articles. However, unfortunately, there are not many practical projects. This article describes how to use Ajax and SVG technology to create various exciting features, along with examples and source code

Analysis of Ajax coding problems

1,Content to be sent: Format: XML; encoding: UTF-8 Ajax Encoding: UTF-8 (req. getcharacterencoding (); read the client Encoding As UTF-8) Servlet Encoding: default (request bit encoding) Result: // Note: the output of tempcontent is not marked as

Returns garbled characters for jquery Ajax requests.

Address: http://blog.csdn.net/hongweigg/article/details/6756278   1. jquery Ajax request. garbled characters are received in the background You can explicitly set the contenttype encoding to UTF-8, and the background can be decoded normally, for

Example of Ajax servlet call

You need to write an example for your work to call Servlet and run it, An index. jsp page, a getandpostexample servlet background, and a web. xml configuration file     Index. jsp page   Bytes ---------------------------------------------------------

Form for receiving arrays in struts and Ajax

We are too familiar with the form passing value in struts2. It is very easy to pass one or more values or attributes of an object. But we wantUpload an array and expect struts to receive it correctlyWhat should I do?   The following describes how to

Ajax X-requested-with Request Header

The X-requested-with request header is used on the server to determine whether a request comes from an Ajax request or a traditional request. The two types of requests have different headers. Ajax asynchronous requests have one more header parameter

Ajax technical details

Ajax technical details Overview: the technology that allows the browser to communicate with the server without refreshing the current page is called Ajax. The core of AJAX is the JavaScript Object XMLHttpRequest. Analysis: Before using Ajax, you

Ajax (jquery) Study Notes

Link: Http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/web/wa-ajaxintro10/ Jar package required by servlet-packaging: Http://download.csdn.net/detail/zhengsihan/5879285 Code: Http://download.csdn.net/detail/zhengsihan/5879555 Servlet: (the most annoying is

Four technical cornerstones and reconstruction of AJAX

1. Four technical cornerstones of AJAXJavascript + CSS + DOM + XMLHttpRequestUsing dom (Document Object Model) to define the structure of the user interface is a set of programmable objects that can be operated using JavaScript to display the

Ajax lyrics (* errors may occur when the song address is Chinese)

Take the lyrics (errors may occur when the song address is Chinese) Play. jspHttp://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd> index online music playback demonstration Dboperate DBO = new dboperate ();DBO. setlength (10 );String hql = "from music order

Post and get in Ajax

Get: multiple requests return the same result. You can use get to obtain data from the server; Post: the status on the server needs to be changed. When using post, you need to set the Content-Type header of the XMLHTTPRequest object, as shown

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