Invalid Ajax post assignment

YesterdayProgramThe value assignment is invalid during Ajax post. si_id has a value in the callback function of post, but it cannot be obtained outside the post function? VaR si_id $. Post ("/sysbrand/check_name/", {Name: name, type: Type},

An example of Ajax partial refresh

Finally, it's a good time. An example of Ajax partial Refresh: Front-end page:   Ajax partial refresh   Background page: [getpart. asp]   Dim rs Dim SQL Set rs = server. Createobject ("ADODB. recordset ") SQL = "select * From king_test"

Startkit. Ajax

// Ajax application // My God, I cannot understand PHP. Forget it. Find an example of /* Use jquery to generate a div container with the ID "rating ". The Code generates five links and appends them to the "rating" container. When one of

The most common Ajax Chinese garbled solution.

There are many messy solutions on the Internet, such as setting up Web. config. Thanks to the monkey for telling me the most common method is the front-end JS Chinese code escape () and backend decoding server. urldecode () In addition, if the

Ajax 1.0 (updatepanel)

Http:// Download Http:// Familyid = ca9d90fa-e8c9-42e3-aa19-08e2c027f5d6 & displaylang = en Network

Jquery Ajax cannot download files

When jquery Ajax is used to send a download request to the background, the background output is sent to the browser, but the file download box is not prompted. I don't know why. You can use jquery to create a form and submit it for file download.

Jquery Ajax example

Using jquery makes Ajax easier. Jquery provides some functions to make simple work easier and complex work no longer complicated. The most common use of AJAX is to load an HTML code to a certain area of the page. To do this, simply select the

Use the underlying layer of Ajax to implement brushless search for lyrics

For example:       untitled document   100,000 online free query of lyrics Enter the song name:

Implement pagination without refreshing Ajax

Today I have nothing to worry about. in C #2.0, I used ajax to write an example of refreshing and fast paging. The time is too short. For the shortcomings, please point out that we should first put ajaxpro. DLL file to reference, you can go to http:/

Use Google Web Toolkit to develop Ajax

Ajax is a very popular web application development technology and an important part of Web 2.0. However, if you use the traditional JavaScript method for Ajax development, it will make the application very difficult to debug, thus reducing the

Ajax background call foreground Method

Originally, when I wrote Ajax in vs2003, I referenced Ajax. dll. Today I used vs2005 to find that this Ajax cannot be used. In the previous call dialog box, "jscript runtime error: the object is missing", so I found an ajaxpro.2.dll to reference it.

Converting a JSF 1.2 application to JSF 2.0-facelets and Ajax

Totd #47 showed how to deploy a JSF 1.2 application (using Facelets and Ajax/JSF extensions) on mojarra 2.0-enabled glassfish. In this blog we're all using new features added in JSF 2.0 Simplify our Application: Use integratedFacelets and

Time to use Ajax in applications

Time to use Ajax in applicationsMake careful decisions to avoid common traps and enhance user experience. Document options

The release of ajaxswing 3.0, Ajax for Swing

AjaxswingJavaSwing and AWT applications go to the Ajax website. It can be viewed as running Java's HTML conversion. Unlike GWT (created during compilation), it creates HTML andJavaScript. It allows developers to use standard swing components to

The applicability of Ajax and its impact on server performance

Ajax has been hot for two or three years. It has brought revolutionary changes to the web and unprecedented experience to users. Although Ajax will bring many benefits to Web applications, you still need to carefully consider where Ajax applications

Analysis of AJAX application scenarios

Ajax application scenarios 1. Form-driven Interaction For traditional form submission, after entering the content in the text box, click the button. After the background processing is complete, the page is refreshed, and then check whether the

In-depth understanding of $. Get, $. Post, $. getjson, and $. Ajax in jquery

Conversion from: understand $. Get, $. Post, $. getjson, and $. Ajax usage in jquery. When we write Ajax programs in Javascript, someone suddenly tells you something called jquery, which will tell you how happy it is not directly with httprequest,

Call Sequence of Ajax events

Jquery Ajax request method: $. Ajax ({ Type: "Get ", Datetype: "html ", URL: "index.html ", Error: function (MSG) {alert ("error ");}, Complete: function (MSG) {alert ("complete ");}, Success: function (MSG) {alert ("success ");} }); The event

Ajax learning notes

I have been watching jquery this afternoon. Some of them are Ajax encapsulation. In fact, Ajax has been used before, but it is said that it is temporary to use online code. But I always thinkIt's quite simple, so I don't care. In the afternoon, I

Use the Ajax. Request class

If you do not use any help package, you may write a large amount of code to create an XMLHTTPRequest object and asynchronously track its process, then parse the response and process it. You are very lucky when you do not need to support more than

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