Django Ajax POST request failure Solution

When Django reaches version 1.2.5 or later, the use of Ajax POST requests has changed. We still remember that the previous version 1.2 and Django joined the csrf mechanism, greatly enhancing the security of network requests, because of this, Django

From the Ajax contest-the old Xie blog was activated

The first round of the Ajax competition ended, collecting interesting information: A reader spoke to me: Reader: Oh, are you doing editing?Xieqq: Marketing and SalesReader: Are you the beauty of the logo?Xieqq: Yes, half-Old Xu NiangReader: Where

In Ajax, data is submitted in get mode, ie is cached, FF is not cached, and four solutions are provided.

The solution is to force the page not to be cached. 1. Add the header to the ASP pageResponse. Buffer = trueResponse. expiresabsolute = now ()-1Response. expires = 0Response. cachecontrol = "no-Cache"Response. addheader "Pragma", "No-Cache" 2.

Ajax error in WebSphere 6.1 deployment Program

To meet the project requirements, use WebSphere 6.1 as the server andProgramAfter porting It, I encountered an Ajax error. The WebSphere version was installed at the beginning. After the installation, the program was released. After logging

Ajax. Net call WebService Method

Ajax. as one of the mature Ajax platforms. NET platform is developed by Microsoft, so Ajax is used. net client script call. net Development of WebService will be a very simple thing, this is one of the exciting thing. Next, we will introduce the

Ajax achieves provincial-municipal three-level linkage V1.1

This is a servlet application .. This version uses the JSON-lib toolkit. For how to use JSON-lib, see my blog Http:// The first is the Web. xml file. xmlns: xsi =

Ajax achieves infinite provincial/municipal Linkage

This is a servlet application .. The JSON-lib toolkit is used here. For how to use JSON-lib, see my blog Http:// The first is the Web. xml file. xmlns: xsi =

Struts2 + jquery + JSON for Ajax requests

I wanted to use Ajax in the project, so I collected n pieces of information online and made n many mistakes. I have been dealing with this problem since I went to work today and finally solved it.   When I saw the Ajax display on the page, I was

Ajax learning-website Memorandum

1. Resource websites 1. Chinese website 1) Ajax China (recommended) A professional Ajax technology website with clear categories, a large number of electronic tutorials, and Ajax source code downloads! Http:// 2)

Ext2.0 tabpanel Ajax remote loading of Multi-tag page mode development skills

By applebomb [csdn] ver: 09-04-18   The current development method is to use Remote Load pages to achieve multi-page effects, similar to the 126 mailbox multi-tab effect. But it is better than 126 mailbox, because the page is loaded to the local, 126

Parent-child relationship between jquery, Ajax, and JavaScript

Jquery and Ajax are both JavaScript frameworks.And has different functions. if Javascript is compared to a father, jquery and Ajax are the sons of JavaScript. It is extremely convenient and convenient to implement complex functions in JavaScript.

Javascript, jquery, Ajax personal learning notes

This article aims to record the classic examples of my learning process This section provides the complete JavaScript reference manual: Javascript local objects and built-in objects Browser object (BOM) Html dom object JavaScript Object

Ajax asynchronously checks whether the user name exists (with demo download)

When registering a user on any website, the system checks whether the user already exists. A long time ago, the processing method was to submit all the data to the server for verification. Obviously, this method had a poor user experience. Later,

Programming from scratch for cainiao-Ajax + Servlet implementation without refreshing pull-down Association

The drop-down linkage function is very commonly used, for example, when selecting province or city information, or when selecting a large or small category. In short, drop-down Association is very common. Today I will share with you a simple

Ajax learning notes: five steps to create an XMLHTTPRequest object

The XMLHTTPRequest object has been implemented in most browsers and has a simple interface that allows data to be transmitted from the client to the server, but does not interrupt the user's current operation. This is a very popular practice. How do

Ajax implements interaction between editable tables and databases

In the previous blog, you can click the table editing function through jquery. This blog will continue to expand and interact with the database on the basis of this function to implement real editable editing. For traditional web pages, if data

Fighting for fame-another new book: The only way from JavaScript to Ajax

Fight for fame! I didn't expect a rock to trigger a thousand waves, which is so long that it has not been so miserable. It seems that people now need to find a place to reveal their dissatisfaction and lust. now is an age of entertainment culture.

Extended jquery. pagination supports Ajax and request with Parameters

The pagination of jquery is extended as required by the project. In this way, jquery. pagination may directly request the server with parameters Ajax and update the content of the corresponding container. Record:   Address:

Reuse jquery's Ajax call module

Writing a bunch of. Ajax every time is really troublesome. Therefore, it is better to encapsulate it in a module. First, when an error occurs in an Ajax call, the error dialog box is displayed automatically. The artdialog dialog box is used. Second,

How to solve the problem of garbled Ajax gb2312

1. The client post is garbled in simplified Chinese.Request. setRequestHeader ("Content-Type", "application/X-WWW-form-urlencoded; charset = gb2312 ");2. The server responds to the simplified Chinese Garbled text.1) ASP. NETMethod 1. Modify the Web.

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