Mastering Ajax, Part 11th: server-side JSON

Respond and reply with JSON in server-side scripts and programs Introduction: In an article recently published in this series, you've learned how to convert JavaScript objects to JSON format. This format is easily used to send (and receive) data

Mastering Ajax, Part 1th: Introduction to Ajax

Understanding Ajax and how it works, an effective way to build a Web site Introduction: Ajax consists of HTML, JavaScript technology, DHTML, and DOM, an excellent way to translate awkward Web interfaces into interactive Ajax applications. The

Patching the failure of Back/forward button and bookmark in AJAX applications

Ideas and goals Since the birth of Ajax, there are Back/forward button and the failure of the bookmark, I have generally advocated that a good AJAX application should not allow users to click the "Back/forward" idea, and use some way to provide the

Pursuing Code quality: unit Testing of AJAX applications

Use GWT to test asynchronous applications more easily Introduction: You may have a great deal of fun writing Ajax applications, but performing unit tests on them is a pain in the neck. In this article, Andrew Glover to address the weaknesses of

Leading technology: Single-page interface and AJAX mode

Directory The impact of AJAX patterns Single-page interface model Disadvantages of one-page interface model Access to Rich Internet applications AJAX Patterns Overview Unique URL pattern Timeout mode AJAX represents a paradigm shift for web

Build a reliable AJAX application, part 2nd: Building Ajax back-end

Introduction: Back-end processing-server-side scripts and programs-does not always work well in an Ajax application. Conversely, careful planning in advance to ensure that data is sent in a proper and efficient format can make the entire application

Thinking in AJAX (iii)--AJAX frame rollup

The browser-based application framework is generally divided into two types: Aplication Frameworks: Provides browser capabilities, but the most notable is the creation of a desktop GUI through a window generation component. Infrastructural

Thinking in AJAX (ii)--web design

One, Ajax most commendable is the asynchronous interaction, not without refreshing Many people are optimistic that Ajax is not refreshing technology, so that the identity of Ajax is used to do without refreshing. This realization is wrong, what is

Ajax combat: Applying MVC to the browser side

We have been focusing on the small details of the application in the front. You can now broaden your horizons to consider the full JavaScript application delivered on the browser at startup. This can also be structured according to the MVC pattern,

Ajax combat: Using JavaScript to implement the viewer

The proposed solution is to define a generic event router object that attaches a standard function to the target element as an event callback and maintains a list of listener functions. This allows us to rewrite the Mousemat initialization code in

Ajax combat: Sending requests to the server

Sending requests to the server via the XMLHttpRequest object is a fairly straightforward thing to do. All we need to do is send it a URL to the server page that will generate the data. Just like the following: XMLHttpRequest supports a large

Ajax combat: Key elements of Ajax

Ajax is not a single technology, but a collection of four of technologies. Table 2-1 provides a brief overview of these technologies and the roles they play. Table 2-1 key elements of Ajax Javascript JavaScript is a common

Ajax User Detection

Ajax brings the user experience is obvious to all, the smallest application, we try to achieve. Still use the Hotheart Ajaxrequest class, starting with Ajax in another article, ASP. The implementation effect is as follows: The other is not much

AJAX applications registered users instant detection

The no refresh mechanism of Ajax makes it possible to display the registration name in the registration system instantly. Common user registration is user input user name, the background program detects whether the user name in the database is

Building Ajax portlets for the WebSphere Portal

Introduction: In our previous article in conjunction with Ajax and WebSphere portal, we discussed some of the issues and design concerns when using Ajax in a portal application. In this tutorial, we'll put new discoveries into use and create an Ajax

Master AJAX Series Catalogue

Mastering Ajax, Part 11th: server-side JSON Mastering Ajax, part 10th: data transfer using JSON Mastering Ajax, part 9th: Using the Google Ajax Search API Mastering Ajax, part 8th: Using XML in requests and responses Mastering Ajax, part 7th:

Roland Barcia talk about Ajax and WebSphere

Introduction WebSphere Consultant Roland Barcia answers questions about building WEB 2.0 applications using Ajax technology in WebSphere. He answered questions about invoking WebSphere applications from Ajax clients, including WebSphere Process

QFaces1.2--ajax mode, file Upload component with progress bar fileupload (for JSF)

This is the 4th component of the Qfaces, Ajax way with the progress bar file upload component, I hope that every important component to upgrade a version, hehe! This version also fixes the Ajax compatibility problem under IE6. After introducing this

QFaces1.1--... Super linkage! JSF and Ajax can be a perfect combination

QFaces1.1 has added a new component that fixes an error with the validator in the previous release, along with a demo project. New components I call it super linkage: linkage Why is it called super linkage? 1. can be infinite linkage. 2. You can

An AJAX agent automatically judges character encoding

Because Ajax has problems with Cross-domain access, the best way to do this is to act as an agent. wrote an agent program and experience. In order to do AJAX agent, the study of the server-side XMLHTTP and the client's Ajax in the XMLHTTP made a

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