Ajax Login function Simple implementation (not connected to the database) _ajax related

Simple login function (database not connected) Copy Code code as follows: User name: Password: [WebMethod] public string Denglu (String username,string pwd) { if (username = = "Zhangsan" && pwd = = "123") { Return

Pulley scrolling to the bottom of the page Ajax loading data combined with JSONP realization discussion _ajax related

Scrolling down to the bottom of the page load data is a lot of waterfall streaming site practice, that to see how to achieve with JSONP, side dishes summary record, the master do not spray. Of course, this example uses the jquery library, the

Using AJAX to implement a value instance in a script to introduce _ajax related

Page Script: Copy Code code as follows: function Ajaxsave (URLS) { Defines a variable for storing XMLHttpRequest objects var xmlhttp; Defines a variable for storing the response returned from the server var responsecontext = "

Jquery+ajax realize batch upload picture (write) _ajax related

Search on the Internet, found that the jquery+ajax way to achieve a single picture upload code is some, but to achieve a lot of upload pictures of the program but did not search, so according to the search code, wrote a can bulk upload.Look at the

jquery Ajax implementation of bulk deletion of specific ideas and code _ajax related

JS page jquery code: Copy Code code as follows: JavaScript Document $ (document). Ready (function () { Select All $ ("#allChk"). Click (function () { $ ("Input[name= ' Subchk ']"). Prop ("Checked", this.checked); }); Radio var

Ajax struts2 Dropdown box Assignment (for all) _ajax related

1. This code is appropriate for all Drop-down list values 2. Only one common method is required for all Drop-down lists of a project; Step One: Create an entity bean; Copy Code code as follows: public class Dictionarybean { Id of

Ajax $.getjson case Detailed _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows:

Ajax implementation of static refresh page process with load rotated picture _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows: Using the ScriptManager in Ajax extensitons Use places like Put code onclick= "Ibtnfbsj_click"/> Call UpdateProgress When you refresh the page statically but this backstage also

JQuery Ajax use of the experience of detailed collation and attention to _ajax related

IE7 and the following request method with Get, the URL limit is a very easy to ignore the problem (maximum 2,083 characters). So if the URL is likely to be too long, be sure to use post. ---------------------------------------------------------------

Ajax way to submit the form with file upload and hide iframe application _ajax Related

General forms are submitted through Ajax, so it's more cumbersome to run into a form with a file upload. The basic principle is to add a hidden iframe on the page, and then submit the form data in addition to the file via Ajax, and in the callback

Rookie Cai Ajax Review third article (Ajax no refresh login) _ajax related

OK, or as before, build a login.html page, to fill in the login information, and then build a dealdata.aspx page (of course, here with the general processing is the best: *.ashx), used for processing data. In the login.html page, the code is as

Rookie Cai Ajax Review of the second article (The load () method in jquery to implement AJAX functionality) _ajax related

In the previous blog, I wrote about using XMLHttpRequest objects to load data asynchronously in traditional JavaScript, alas, children's shoes .... See the code is not a little headache ah! Not only you, I have a little disgusted, not only to judge

Asynchronous and synchronous in AJAX requests, note the local description of _ajax related

Before doing project, use a table control, its data is loaded asynchronously, I am in this table binding the data of the function below friends do some business processing, run the page, the browser in my write business processing that place hit the

JavaScript Ajax gets the return judgment of the remote URL _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows:

Ajax Communication Principles Xmlhttprequest_ajax Related

Obviously Ajax is a technique for accessing data using JavaScript scripts. AJAX enables the Web page to implement asynchronous updates. This is the local updating of the Web page without reloading the entire page. XMLHttpRequest is the key to AJAX

Ajax Common template Implementation code _AJAX related

Copy Code code as follows:

Jquery, Ajax, Struts2 to complete a timed Refresh method _jsp programming

Step one: Import the jquery plugin Copy Code code as follows: Step Two: Add information to the show where Copy Code code as follows: Step three: Add the JS code to the page Copy Code code as

Ajax.NET SYS does not define error resolution _ Practical Tips

Check a lot of processing log, say is in web.config inside add what statement, is following these: Copy Code code as follows: Found my web.config all have Ah! Oh, damn it! You copied me, I

Ajax real-time authentication user name/mailbox and so on is already existing code package _php instance

Today, share an example of "using AJAX technology to detect the existence of a username." Use AJAX technology to detect the existence of the user name is the principle flow chart: Screenshot of final result: Copy Code code as

The original ecological application of Ajax in Joomla code _php instance

Today, I am here to talk about the use of the MooTools JavaScript library with Joomla Ajax, because it is a library, so do not have to have jquery, then how to achieve it, first set up an AJAX access button, generally we are in the editing of

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